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5 hours ago, Fan since a Fetus said:

probably not wacky…I’m not sure..

I grew up next to a lot that was empty all the time. Trees were right up next to our fence. I had a dream when I was young that someone was going to come out of there one day and kill me. After that dream, I was certain that was how I was going to die. This persisted from 4th grade until I moved out of my parents house at 18. I went back there a couple times to visit before they sold the house. 

There wasn’t room for a lot of imagination in my house. Parents put an end to things quickly. I was very fearful of them, especially after the 7th grade when my friends mom killed him and his sister over spring break. Also, a girl who I ‘dated’ was grabbed in front of my house in 9th grade coming home from school. She got away and ran to my front door. I was home sick but she never rang the doorbell. 

I had a lot of death around me at a young age that goes much further into my crap. So, I don’t know that this could be considered wacky, but I don’t recall anything wacky like sharks in my swimming pool or believing in a Flying Spaghetti Monster.


Damn, dude...you've been through a lot.

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7 hours ago, Califan007 The Constipated said:

Q30: What is your most unusual nighttime or morning ritual?

Another cat answer. When I'm finished for the night, I clean the cat's dishes. He leaves a pile of half-chewed kibble in his bowl that he refuses to eat, and it goes disgustingly soft if it sits for more than a day, so I wait as late as I can before tossing his crumbs and fill his bowl with fresh kibble. He'll gobble it down like he's starved and leave the bowl empty in a couple of minutes, and just sit a few feet from it waiting for me to fill it again. I can't leave it empty, he'll wake me up in the middle of the night for an empty bowl (and sometimes a full one). Before I can finally climb into bed, I have to keep filling the bowl with kibble until the monster leaves the bowl alone and moves to another room. He has trained me well.



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