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The Game Prediction Thread - The Commanders @ The Giants ~ Gmen Meet The Moxie Maker!


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Head: Commanders 20, Giants 13

The Commanders keep chugging along by way of a strong, reliable run game and a nasty defense vs a beat-up NY offensive line and poor WR depth.


Gut: Giants 20, Commanders 13

Taylor's mishaps finally cause enough damage that the rest of the team simply cannot overcome.


Liver: Commanders 34, Giants 31

Taylor gets benched after throwing a pair of 1st quarter INTs and Wentz comes in and throws 4 TDs the rest of the way in a shootout that no one saw coming and Slye with the game-winner.


I'll go with my Gut this week.

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This game will be the deciding game that either makes or breaks the team.

As I saw TH throw that 'duck' of a pick against Atl I said " ok thats your gimme", figuring this will be all. Not gonna blame the weather, it was just a crappy pass, BUT in the end he held it together and the defense really stepped up when needed and secured the victory.


The Giants always seem to haunt this team for some reason or another; flash back a number of years, all the WFT had to do was win a game against the Giants when NY was already in the playoff hunt and had sat starters, WFT came out flat and ugly and lost the game, a game they should have won.


But now I think the ideology has changed on this team. One thing they can't do is become full of themselves and get blown out. Focus focus focus should be RR's main message. Robinson has great running strength, running angry, and can plow through the line, but i'm worried they may rely on him too much and he comes up limping. 

TH needs to roll out more, get a better field view and if its not there take off running, just like other teams have been doing to them as of late.


Lastly, Payne and Allen is what i'm really concerned about. The entire league knows their power, and I can easily see a Giants lineman rolling up on their legs trying to take them out without being intentional, so lets hope that doesn't happen.


I think in the end the Commies win this game but the re-match they drop; dunno why its just a feeling.


For now,

Commies  29

Giants       20

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Three teams worse than their record indicates



New York Giants


Even before their last two losses to the Lions and Cowboys, there were signs that the Giants might be a bit over their skis at 7-2. It's not as if they hadn't been winning close ones all season -- their record and negative point differential (-7) spell that out pretty clearly. But narrow, hard-fought wins over the Jags in Week 7 and the Texans in Week 10, along with a two-TD loss to the Seahawks in Week 8, seemed to change the trajectory of this surprising team. Those games had a different feel than tight victories over the Titans in Week 1, Packers in Week 5 and Ravens in Week 6.


Injuries have been a big part of the recent swoon, and the Giants should be getting a little healthier here soon. But Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley have been a bit quiet lately as defenses have been able to key in on the quarterback and running back, with so few other threats on the field alongside them. Defensively, the Giants have been kind of hanging on for dear life, especially against some of the more potent offenses they've faced. If they can't get better at stopping the run, you can almost forget about a big playoff showing. 


This season undoubtedly has been a success for first-year head coach Brian Daboll and his staff. The Giants have looked competent and creative offensively and have been far more competitive than expected. They've been within one score in the fourth quarter of every game except against the Lions. But it's not hard to see the gradual slide back to the middle that's been underway for about a month now, right as the Commanders have risen up as the team that could take their place in the NFC East standings. 

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7 hours ago, Skinsinparadise said:



That stat is wrong because you should get 10 points for the category:


”Back Judge Crashes Into Defender Knocking Him To The Ground With Great Vengeance and Furious Anger To Avoid An Interception And Ball Is Caught For Touchdown!”

The back judge be like: 


That was the luckiest thing in 10 seasons. 

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4 hours ago, Playaction2Sanders said:


This is the guy Giants say they are missing the most out of their injuries and he might return this week. They could play inspired football from the fans rooting hard knowing whats on the line. The game goes to the last drive I think the giants pull out a close one 19-17


Not that PFF is everything but Neal has a 49.8 PFF grade this year and has given up 5 sacks. I can see Montez struggling with Andrew Thomas who has been a stud but whoever goes against Neal should be able to make some noise. Furthermore, the Giants lack quality pieces in their interior and Daron and Jon should feast


The injuries are key however and it looks like the Giants are all of a sudden getting healthy with a bunch of guys set to come back (Bellinger, Moreau, Bredeson and perhaps Ojulari). We need BSJ back to cover Slayton as their other receivers aren't really threats (although Richie James makes plays out of the slot every now and then)

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Have a feeling the Skins come out flat and Danny Jones who always plays well against us has a good day... again...   Barkley finds holes like Patterson did last week.  Giants coming off extra rest.  Just don't have enough faith in this team yet.  Hope Im wrong.


NY 24

Manders 17

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I think that the giants game will play out about the same as the Falcons game. They've both got a good rushing attack, mobile QB and an average defense. I think we could play either team ten times and win five, lose five.


We're on a roll, they're on a bit of a slump, we got this.


Redteam Commanders 20

giants 17

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