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NCAA Basketball 22-23


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Women's tournament this year as is the mens, is fullout crazy


VT made their first Final Four.

Miami never passed the Sweet 16 and made it all the way to the elite 8 with the "TikTok Twins"

Stanford and other #1 seed fell early, and another one in Indiana was beaten by Miami

LSU made it to the final four in Mulkey's 2nd year

Iowa made the FF and is up 3 on SC...who is unbeaten

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6 minutes ago, Ball Security said:

My ****ing Hulu went out with 17 seconds. Turned back on when the Aztecs we’re celebrating.


Mine did the same but I was watching the BeerSnakes game on it and fortunately had the final four on antenna tvs. 📡 


Butler literally waited til the last half second to take the shot. 

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I think LSU is going to win this one relatively easily.  Their team is just better.  Clark is the best player on the floor but her team is small and can’t defend LSU without flocking to the ball.  

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4 minutes ago, Captain Wiggles said:

Not much ya can do when players are banking in three point shots. It's their lucky day. 🤷‍♂️

Bank threes should be worth negative points unless the player clearly calls bank.  

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Lol at Angel Reese thinking she was "too ghetto". You went to an $11k per year private high school. You Mom played professional basketball internationally.  Your stepbrother is a pro basketball player internationally and your brother plays college basketball.  


How about..both her and Caitlin Clark were entertaining as hell.

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