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The Game Prediction Thread - The Commanders Vs. The Packers ~ Code Yellow with Holes!


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I felt good about this, but after hearing some info on the radio, I don't feel so great. So, apparently, missing so many starters on our offense ins't a bad thing, because TH wasn't practicing with the number ones anyways, so expect the number twos to tear it up? GB apparently got some guy back from the practice squad that was on IR? That was important enough to mention during the broadcast, I guess. I still think we have a chance to win, but whoever loses this game, their season is essentially over. I don't expect GB to just lay down and die, could get messy.

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On 10/18/2022 at 2:11 PM, Califan007 The Constipated said:

I expect another 28-10 laugher...


It looked like that in the beginning but in the 2nd half we had the last laughs. :)

You must not have seen how bad Green Bay was last week. And Barry is their DC Now that is a laugher. lol


4 minutes ago, Califan007 The Constipated said:


Ok, so we scored 23 instead of 28...still kinda close...


(wonders if anyone buys that I predicted us to win lol)


Nice try :rofl89:

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22 hours ago, Voice_of_Reason said:

No.  Rodgers has elite talent and skill, which was evident the minute he took the field.


TH can't throw a 15 yard out without lofting the ball.  

well, i'm not going to beat on my chest, but there were a few passes that had a little heat on them.

But the point I was trying to make showed itself; weapons, or lack thereof by Rodgers. They don't have that big time WR like they usually do. This IMO was a big part of why he didn't play well last year.

And FWIW, yea, TH did look out of sorts a bit but he did make some nice passes.

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