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The Game Prediction Thread - The Commanders @ The Bears ~ The Hunt For A Win!


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Justin Fields hasn't looked good at all as a passer.  His mobility presents some worries, but all things considered if he goes out there and looks like a legitimate NFL starting QB tonight, it will be one of the only games that has happened. (So naturally, it will happen)

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This has all the tools to be one of the most epic fails of all time.


WJ3 asking to be traded.

Wentz not 100%.

Defficient OL.


It will takes lots of guts and grits for this team to win this game. So I'm expecting it to explode by tonight.

And even if we do win the game it'll be lost in off the field winning talk.

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Commanders Key stats coming into this game:

  • Opponent passers have a 103.7 rating against Washington.
  • Wentz has thrown the second-most interceptions, but is also tied for the fifth-most touchdown passes.
  • The Commanders have the third-most pass attempts in the league. A suggestion that they are playing from behind a lot or that they have an ineffective run game?
  • Washington’s defense hasn’t had a turnover since week one against the Jaguars, which was also their only win of the season.
  • Washington is tied for the sixth-most penalties and fourth-most penalty yards.
  • The Commanders defense can get off the field. They ae fifth on third downs, allowing opponents just 30.4 percent of their third down attempts.
  • Washington has just two rushing touchdowns on the season.
  • The Commanders have allowed 30.5 points per game on the road vs. just 22.3 points at home this season.
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Bears - 23 Points, making Fields look like a legit QB of course


Reds...Footb...Commanders: 17 Points, garbage time TD by Heineke as Wentz doesn't finish the game.


Goodell + Bezos talking it up again in a suite - a glimpse of a checkbook in Bezos hand can be seen. The future is now. Sorry, got carried away there....



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13 hours ago, TradeTheBeal! said:



What a great game that was.


The Redskins went down 14-0 early, but unlike today when you knew the game was over, you never believed a Joe Gibbs led team was out of it, no matter what the score was.


They would basically duplicate it several weeks later in Super Bowl XXII when they went down 10-0 to the Broncos before storming back in the second quarter.



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