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Insomniac thread: 2022 - Week 5 - Welcomes the restless, die hard drunken fans!!!


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Is there anything to look forward to for tomorrow's game? HELL YEAH - more alcohol. :D


I am not going to hit it hard tonight. I have to meet a potential client tomorrow morning and will need to be somewhat sober to drive to VA. :806:j


We should be able to beat the Titans. I think it will depend on how well BRob plays after his injury. This should open up some passing plays for Wentz - hopefully. 





PS: I totally forgot to make Titans Suck gif.... cool something to do while I sip on some rum and coke. :)




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My brother is a Tight Ones fan (became one after the 4 QB season and the lies when we brought in what’s-his-name from the 49ers (I don’t feel they were lies btw; but my brother did move to Nashville in 2017 so…….) and he hasn’t been talking **** surprisingly.

His words: Y’all have a chance. We’ve been playing like dog ****. But it’s not a great chance”. 

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More afraid of the argument enabling that can come from this game than the team itself. Its getting wild in some of these threads.


We have a better chance to do something in this game than the past several, but I can't put any faith in a passing attack this poor before seeing some positive results. We really can't afford another blowout loss.

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23 minutes ago, COWBOY-KILLA- said:

My Mom broke her hip last night, ugh. So I’m at the hospital staying over night to keep her company. Would sure be swell to beat the Titans tomorrow as she still loves her skins..

Come on Washington, win one for all of us..!


Oh man that sucks! Hope she gets better soon and yeah a win tomorrow will be huge and not just for the fans but for the players as well. 

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This is the first game in 3 weeks where I am hopeful the Commanders have a decent shot of getting an early lead the way they did against Jacksonville. Have to do something early if they want to lean on the run game late.  


I just got home from seeing Terrifier 2 at the theater. I hope I don't feel like one of Art the Clown's victims by the end of the game. 

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