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Year three under Rivera and we still have no identity


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4 hours ago, Cooleyfan1993 said:

The giants in year 1 are 4-1. Us, in year 3, 1-4. This **** is pathetic. **** Rivera. 

It sucks man. I never would have thought NY would field a better team than us this season. They had a strong off-season building the lines. Our o-line has fallen to the worst in the league. Plus they have much better coaching than us. 


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On 10/2/2022 at 5:04 PM, Warhead36 said:

Establishing an identity is important in the NFL.


You look around the league. The good teams have an identity. They have a style they play. They build their roster around that style. The players buy into it. The coaches buy into it. It acts as a rallying point for your team. Even in terms of adversity, you have your identity to fall back on. Those teams even when they have off years, you expect them to bounce back because they've built something. When this franchise was good, it had an identity. Strong OL and solid QB play and a coach that could out scheme almost anyone.


Hell even some of our teams in the Snyder era had an identity. Shanahan's teams could always run the ball well. Gruden maximized the QB/passing game(until he was stuck with complete trash but heck the guy won a game with Josh freaking Johnson once). The Gibbs II teams had strong line play and were tough. And some of the rebuilding teams, you can sense they're establishing an identity. For example, the Giants are gonna be a tough, physical team. They've already set that tone in just four games.


Meanwhile, we're in year three under Rivera. THREE. That's almost an eternity in today's NFL. And I still have no clue what we're trying to build. Are we trying to be a tough, hard nosed physical style football team? Are we trying to be an aggressive spread it out passing team? Are we gonna run the ball and take shots downfield or try to run quick passes? 


We spend a lot of money and some decent draft capital on a QB and then draft a talented WR in the 1st round, but deplete our OL depth that we need to protect him. The year before we draft an athletic LB and then in year one force him into playing MLB and read/react. We sign man to man CBs and ask them to play zone, or sign slot CBs and ask them to play man. 


There is no real...DIRECTION with this team, whether it comes to on field strategizing or offseason roster acquisitions. Nothing we do is with a plan or a purpose. Its just random moves and hoping it all sticks.


This is my real issue with Ron Rivera. He inherited a mess sure and it has gotten a little bit better, but by year 3 there should be a clear cut direction. There isn't any. I see teams in first year regimes that look further along. I don't necessarily mean roster-wise(which isn't really that great either)but you just get a sense that they know what they're doing. Does ANYONE get that sense here anymore?


I said before this year that I was willing to give Scott Turner until he got a real QB before I evaluated him. Well he has one now and the offense is a mess. Yes I know there are injuries on the OL. So what? Everyone has injuries. The Lions were without Deandre Swift AND Amon ra St. Brown, who are better than just about anyone on our roster, and still managed to put up 45 points today(albeit in a loss, but still, we haven't scored 45 in the last two games combined). And Turner was a Rivera choice. 


I'm normally not a 'FIRE THE COACHES" guy. I think too much blame gets placed on them when its generally a players issue, but now I'm officially on the Fire Ron Rivera bandwagon. And all the other coaches can go too(although I think Del Rio has mostly righted the ship on defense the last two weeks scheme-wise, the issues are clearly personnel at MLB and CB right now).

I like the identity of the team that had "the drive" last year against Tampa Bay. I would be very happy to have that identity. A hawking ball control offense.

On 10/7/2022 at 11:38 AM, Stadium-Armory said:

When you have a **** offensive line, it doesn't matter what you do.

I call that the $28,000,000 excuse.

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I think Identity goes with building.  The lack of identity to me stems from the fact that under Rivera, nothing gets built without crumbling the following season, thus rendering any foundation of an identity, futile.

For an example.  At the end of 2021, it seemed clear as day that with that roster, an upgrade at QB would do wonders for the offense.  So they go out and grab a QB, and like Wentz or not, his skillset goes with a vertical offense plan.  The problem? They basically allow a hatchet job the O-line which is a core essential not just to any offense period, but specially to an offense that you are trying to setup downfield plays consistently for..  


Rivera hasn't been able to establish anything on this team without seeing some other aspect taking 2 steps backwards.  That isn't building.  

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17 minutes ago, NoCalMike said:


Rivera hasn't been able to establish anything on this team without seeing some other aspect taking 2 steps backwards.  That isn't building.  

This is also inline with how the team plays.  Not just from game to game but even within a game.  How often is a good offensive drive followed by a complete break down by the defense?  A great defensive stand followed by a collapse by the offense.  

The ability to fix multiple problems at one time doesn't exist.  One task at a time.  No in-game adjustments.... those can only be made at half time or after the game (if made at all) period.  The entire coaching staff usually just looks confused during games in some sort of disbelief with no idea of what to do about it. 

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