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The Game Prediction Thread - The Commanders @ The Lions


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We have lost to the Lions 7 times since 1968. 

Our D will need to try harder to stop their running attack. 

Wentz and team will need to elevate their efforts if we are to beat the Lions.

Goff isn't a mobile QB so putting some pressure on him and often should be the primary goal of our D and Del Rio. 


Jared Goff
Sep 11

I am feeling good about our chances against the Lions. 


Commanders: 30

Lions: 27

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I don't know about this game.  I feel like Week 1 as a whole is a tough week of football to draw too many conclusions from.  There is so much new stuff that wasn't game-planned for by each team that you often see a lot of results that aren't a proper indicator of what a team will look like the entire season.  The Eagles were well on their way to routing the Lions, and I didn't have a chance yet to see what the entirety of the Lions comeback looked like.  Was it the Eagles playing loose on defense when their coaches felt the game was a wrap or was it just the Lions finding holes in the defense to exploit?


All things considered I view this match up in a sort of similar way I did the match up against the Jags.  The game won't be easy, the Lions aren't a pushover of an opponent, however if your team plans to have playoff aspirations, the Lions are a team you need to find a way to beat.  

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1 hour ago, NoCalMike said:

I don't know about this game.  I feel like Week 1 as a whole is a tough week of football to draw too many conclusions from. 



I always feel that way about the first 3 weeks of the season. Teams come out strong, fade late. Teams stumble out, surge late, etc.


Anyway, until we know "who we are" (and let's face it, we sort of know organizationally who we are) I just assume we can lose to anyone, anytime, anyplace. We've won season openers before. 


Prediction: We don't exactly stop the run or the screen and that's Daytwah's best part of their game. Swift is a beast. We're lucky Goff's not a mobile QB though. I predicted a semi-low-scoring game last week. This one comes down to defense and though I'm not super confident in ours, we gotta be better than the Lions... right?



Commanders 33, Lions 29. Start strong, contain Swift, knock Goff around, do NOT turn the ball over.


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11 minutes ago, Est.1974 said:

The 1990 game in Detroit is one I always remember. Comeback 41-38 win with Humphries and Rutledge combining for nearly 500 yards. Wild game.


41-38 win in OT with Wentz throwing for 500 yards.


I hate OT games. You never know who is going to score first. End it with a W in regulation and call it a day. 

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We just got a major assist from a terrible, terrible team in beating them yesterday.  That's not being a downer - just keeping it very real.  And we had to come back to do it.  Now, we did come back to win, and in the past we would have lost that game after Carson's two INTs more times than we'd win it.  So that is something to build on.  But the truth is, if we had played against a somewhat average/mediocre team yesterday, we lose by at least 10.  The worst thing about yesterday is that you couldn't tell which team had a first year coach and second year QB and which team was in Year 3 with a veteran.  That's pretty damning, IMHO.


Our D looks bad.  Again.  LBs are just a step up from garbage.  Davis looked bad.  Again.  Holcomb looked bad and got caught up in the wash over and over.  Our CBs look subpar - WJ3 looks like another bad FA CB investment: not enough consistent substance to back up the bravado and mouth.   Sweat was all but invisible most of the day save for a good play here and there.  So far that guy doesn't look anything like a first rounder.   Dude needs to step it up this year and become a consistent factor.  It's more than sack numbers, I know, but he needs to be a factor.  


Wentz is Wentz.  He showed you who he is and always will be yesterday:  He'll do enough to make you think he's got what it takes to be the true answer at the position, then remind you a play /drive or two later that the best you can get from him is pretty much a playoff game appearance and maybe a win.  Maybe.  He's just way too inconsistent to ever be the guy who wins you a SB, IMO.  But this fanbase is starved for anything remotely resembling competence at the position, so he'll be worshiped as the second coming here probably.   


The Lions are a much better team than their record last year indicated.  They just couldn't figure out how to close out a game - something the Skins know a lot about in recent history.  They believe in their coach and play hard and nasty all game.  We're gonna have to match that.  I had the Skins losing this game when the schedule came out.  We tend to lose in Detroit the way they tend to lose in Washington.  


If our D comes out and wakes the hell up and starts playing like a professional unit for most of the game, we can win.  But my confidence in a lot of our starters on that side of the ball is not stellar.  We keep hearing we have all this great talent on that side of the ball.  It needs to start showing out that way on Sundays.  With JDR at the helm, I'm not banking on it.  The Lions put up 35 against Philly, and that's with Goff at the helm.  We do finally have firepower and I believe we can (and quite honestly, in Year 3 SHOULD) win this and I won't be surprised if we do...but I don't think we will.  I don't see us embarrassing ourselves but I think we come up short. 


Lions 30

Skins 27

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Right guard Halapoulivaati Vaitai is dealing with a back injury and will be out at least the first four games of the season after the team placed him on injured reserve earlier this week. Pro Bowl center Frank Ragnow was a limited participant in practice on Wednesday with a groin injury.



either their backup o-line is really good or philfthy sucks on d.


28 Commanglers - 14 Detroit LEGOS

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17 hours ago, NoCalMike said:

The game won't be easy, the Lions aren't a pushover of an opponent, however if your team plans to have playoff aspirations, the Lions are a team you need to find a way to beat.  


This is the sort of thing people have said about our team for years.  We're basically in that Lions/Jags territory where good teams with playoff aspirations "have to beat us."


If we want to move ourselves out of that group, I'd say the best way to do it is beating all the other teams down in the dregs with us.  Might as well start this week.  Hopefully it gives us some real momentum entering our first two divisional games.


Skins 34


Lions 23

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This just feels like classic let down time if history is any indicator. 

The fan base is super hyped after week 1, actually looked like a competitive football team for the first time in a decade. So this feels like a let down spot. 

Plus we looked good against the Jags who let’s be honest if there is a worse franchise than us (more mismanaged) it’s probably them. 

Redsk…Commanders: 28

Lions: 31 

I think we lose but can see a path to victory in a last second drive FG to win. No matter what team wins I see that happening, but for now I’m going with the lions, and from a betting perspective I think I’m staying away. 

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I just finished looking at the stats from the Eagles Lions game and they are not favorable to the Lions. Goff didn't cross 100 yards passing until the end of the third quarter. He was 3/10 at one point before he hit a streak of passes in a row, but even after that only stayed at about 50%. He threw a pic 6 and fumbled a snap. The only reason they were even in the game was 1. D/Andre Swift who went off on Sunday and 2. The Eagles let up after going up 31-14. I'm Not afraid.


I think we win this one 30-13

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2 hours ago, Koolblue13 said:

Eagles were blowing them out and the Lions garbage time points almost caught up.


This has the feeling of another game we should win, but will be close while we try to figure ourselves out.  Lions fight hard now, but they looked stronger in run game then passing game yesterday. 


Can see us having some problems slowing their run game with dline injuries and linebackers being mad suspect, don't see them keeping up with us if we drop a couple bombs on them in a firing match.


26-20 Commies

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