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Queen Elizabeth II, the UK’s monarch for the past 70 years, has died aged 96

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Royal expert on Camilla dropping consort title against Queen Elizabeth’s wishes: ‘A queen in her own right’


King Charles III’s wife, Camilla, queen consort of the United Kingdom, is apparently paving her own way as Great Britain’s monarchy prepares to crown the couple this coming May.


Following the coronation, Camilla will reportedly take the title of "queen" rather than "queen consort," unnamed sources told the Daily Mail over the weekend. The move also goes against the late Queen Elizabeth II’s wishes to refer to Camilla as "queen consort" as she carries out the remainder of her royal duties.


Elizabeth declared that she wanted Camilla to be known as "queen consort" in February 2022 with an endorsement that formally signified the family’s acceptance of Camilla as a respected senior member. It was also widely seen as a move by Elizabeth to pave a smooth transition to Charles’ reign.


According to royal expert and commentator Nigel Farage, Camilla’s request for a title change comes at a time when she’s "paid her penance."


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Prince Andrew Is Reportedly Refusing to Leave Royal Mansion


Scandal-magnet Prince Andrew is reportedly refusing to vacate the 30-room Royal Lodge in Windsor, according to the Sun on Sunday. Even though King Charles has slashed his £250,000 ($436,000) subsidy, meaning he cannot afford the property’s upkeep, a friend of Andrew’s told the paper: “This has been his family home for the last 20 years. Is it really sensible to kick him out? He’s concerned that now the coronation is over, the knives are out. But we’re dealing with human beings, not real estate.”


Another friend said: ‘Eugenie (Andrew’s daughter) is heavily pregnant and her parents expect to have the new grandchild there this summer.”


Prince William and his family were thought to be likely to move in to the property, with Andrew slated to move to Frogmore Cottage, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s former British home.


Andrew paid a multimillion dollar settlement to Virginia Giuffre last year, after she accused him of sexually abusing her while she was being trafficked by his friend, the billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Andrew emphatically denied Giuffre’s accusations. He has since become royal persona non grata, and while present at Charles’ coronation, has no official royal duties to carry out.


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