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The Game Prediction Thread - The Commmmmmannndddersss vs. the Jags.


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13 hours ago, HigSkin said:

He seems ready and I imagine so are the players.  Hopefully they aren't too jacked.


Commanders - 30

Jags - 17




Come on Carson, prove them all wrong.  You have the talent, this team has talent...lead these boys!!!  Time to LOCK IN!!!!

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I'm glad we play Jacksonville week 1 because I predict they will be the most improved team throughout this season. They have a future top 10 qb and a future top 10 defense. They are building the right way and will be very competitive by the end of this season. But right now they are still too young and inexperienced. Have to give us the nod this game.

Commanders 27

Jaguars 17

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27-24 Washington wins in a close game and has me totally stressed out throughout the game. 


Trevor Lawrence will go 7-7 for 74 yds and a TD on the JAGS first possession. Seems like every 1st game of the season the opponent drives down the field with ease.


We only score 3 points in the first half and do most of our damage in the 3rd quarter. 

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Hi all; long time lurker, first time poster.


I'm here to tell you all not to get your hopes up for a great game as me and my Jags supporting best friend are making a trip over from the UK to watch this game. The way my luck goes expect either a 3-3 tie or possibly even a 2-0 loss.


Having said that if you see two lost looking Brits around Fed-Ex (I will be wearing a Terry Crews Redskins jersey), please say Hi.

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Despite thinking the Manders are "better," I honestly can't pick a winner here but I'll explain...


Coaching for Jacksonville evens this contest heading into the weekend. I don't think players (Lawrence, Etienne, etc.) turn franchises around. Coaches do. I think Doug Pederson will be a force of drastic change in Jax and it will show right away. Rivera has not really "turned things around" in Washington.


I think the Jags' defense is going to be solid again and this could spell trouble for newly-acquired Carson Wentz. I think our defense will struggle out of the gate, especially our LB crew.


So I just can't get a proper read on either of these teams. I think we'll see a relatively low-scoring, close game in the 17-16 range and it could go either way. For the sake of homership, I'll take Washington but this one's wide open to the team with the most desire... and the better coach.

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I don't think the Skins can lose this game...the offense just has too many weapons and Wentz is just too much of an upgrade over the garbage they've had at QB for the past 5-6 seasons. I think Jacksonville will be better than expected this year, but not right out of the gate. It's year 3 for Washington and game 1 for the Jags. 


Washington 27

Jacksonville 14


Wentz will throw for over 300 and account for all 3 TDs (2 passing and 1 rushing). 

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Wentz & Co. should be able to exploit the Jags' secondary.  A lot will hinge on how well Washington's running game can keep the Jags D-Line honest so they can't always be going all out to sack Wentz.  Hopefully Wentz has an accurate day and that his receivers hang on to the passes he throws their way.


Problem is, T. Lawrence will likely be able to exploit the Washington defense..  He looks like he can make the throws needed to exploit the gaps around our linebackers. So it's going to be see-saw close, with a bunch of Field goals in the red-zone for both sides. The Jags' running game is an X-factor; I'm hoping Washington can at least contain it and force Lawrence to pass more than he's comfortable with..


I'm staying optimistic -- hoping Washington wins the turnover battle, Slye makes all his FGSs and Washington gets a little home-field advantage in ref calls. 


Washington 30, Jacksonville 27.

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Terry, Dotson, Samuels and Bates all score TD's in the air, and Gibson breaks one off and takes it to the house.

Jags pound the running game early, and Trevor gets shook by a Payne hit and throws 3 picks while trying to make up ground in the 2nd half.

Jags have the ball for 40 min.


Commies win 38 - 16.


Wentz is still considered very pedestrian by the media and it is chalked up to "the weapons around him make him look good".


Percy has a 2 pick day, and Payne gets 2 sacks to go with 1 by Phidarian.

Jamin has the 3rd pick to go with 8 solo tackles and a FF and Tress Way never touches the ball.

(Dad gum I just jinxed us hard!)




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I really want to believe the Commanders will win.  I want to believe we will finally be competitive.  But following this team for so long and knowing how far we are from actually being good, I am skeptical.  You know what though, we have to be better than the Jaguars!


Commanders 24

Jaguars 21

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