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Official Extremeskins Tailgate 9/11/2022 vs Jaguars


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[Sep 11, 2022]

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Welcome Back Home!


Welcome back everyone! Its another year of Redskins football ! (Yeah I said it). I am looking forward to seeing our tailgate family back together again in the Redzone Lot cooking up grub, drinking, laughing and chatting about our favorite team. So make your favorite dishes, bring out that cooking gear and let's have some fun !







The Extremeskins Tailgate has become an institution at Fedex Field, and it is because of all the members involved. The dedication, hard work and investments by folks year in and year out is second to none. This tailgate is getting bigger every year and is well respected because of our passion, our friendly welcoming environment and the charity we do. The Redskins organization has recognized our contributions and how we present ourselves and because of that, has recognized our tailgate as official Redskins Fan Captains. Let's continue to do our best as one of the best tailgates at Fedex Field!


Once again, the Extremeskins Tailgate will have containers available for the Extremeskins Charity Funds. There will be two containers. One container will be for pop tabs (the little tabs on the top of aluminum beer and soda cans)... this is to benefit the Ronald McDonald House. If you drink a beer or coke, don't forget to take off the tab and put it in the container before throwing away!!! The other container will be for monetary donations, and will be for the Official Extremeskins Charity selected this year: Abby's Army. At the end of the year, 100% of the money collected will be submitted to the charity. Please check the charity threads! Please donate what you can, there are needy folks out there that can use our help!


_abby.jpg.30a89bd4a6129fea36c01141b78fe67d.jpg                          rmhc.png.ef15306ac0b0324852f5e601d2efc429.png


I am sure most of you are familiar with our tailgate threads, but I like to emphasize that we try to be as organized as we possibly can (yes it is like trying to herd cats). Before you start asking questions, please read this entire post, as it most likely will answer any questions you have. At the bottom of this post you will see 2 sections: “Needed Items” and “Posted Items”. We are a Potluck Style tailgate, so we ask that if you plan on attending, please check both sections to see what we need and what people are bringing. If you are trying to decide what is best to bring, food and drinks are the best items. I will keep the lists updated as frequently as I can.





September 11th, 8:00 am - 12:30 pm.


Thanks to our home in the RedZone Lot, we get an additional hour of tailgate time that the other lots do not (other lots only have 4 hours). We typically start packing up the tailgate around 30 minutes before the game, but don’t worry, there are still plenty of people to hang around with to chat about the game.


Many of us arrive early and pre-tailgate or just chat it up on the RedZone Lot entry road (see “Where Is It” section) before the parking lot opens… you can usually find a bunch of us at the very front of the line.


Post-game tailgate times vary... normally it is as soon as everyone gets back out to the lots. End time varies based upon the mood of the fans and the time of the game.





We are located in the new RedZone Lot.


Specifically we are located at RZ30 / B30 (pole marker) at the corner of the lot closest to the stadium (along Hill Oaks Rd). You will see our yellow jeep there, with flags flying including a black flag with our “X” logo.



Click the image to see larger version


If you have parking passes for the RedZone Lot, and this is your first time, it can be a little difficult finding the entry road. If you do a Google Maps search for: “Redzone parking”, you will see where the entry road is.


Here are the directions per the Redskins (Belle Haven Drive):


  • From Northern Virginia, Howard, Montgomery and Anne Arundel Counties: Take I-495/I-95 to Exit 19 (US Route 50 East). Once travelling east take Exit 8 for MD-704. Turn left at the light and continue on MD-704 for 4 miles. Turn left onto Belle Haven Drive, then turn left onto Sheriff Rd. The entrance to the RedZone lot will be on your right in 1/2 mile.


  • From Washington DC: US Route 50 East to Exit 8 for MD-704. Turn left at the light and continue on MD-704 for 4 miles. Turn left onto Belle Haven Drive, then turn left onto Sheriff Rd. The entrance to the RedZone lot will be on your right in 1/2 mile.


I prefer this route (from 495):


 - Take exit 17B to merge onto MD-202 W/Landover Rd toward Bladensburg

 - At the first light, turn left onto Brightseat Rd

 - Make the first turn right onto Sheriff Rd

 - Make the second turn left onto Belle Haven Dr

 - Follow Belle Haven Dr straight into the Redzone parking lot

 - Go to the opposite corner of the lot (closest to the stadium and Hill Oaks Rd)


If you can’t find parking passes to the RedZone Lot, I would recommend getting passes to the “A” Lot, whether it be Green, Orange, or Platinum.




All are welcome… the more the merrier! We originally started this tailgate for the members of the Extremeskins message board, but it has expanded into something much bigger. We are extremely welcoming of all fans regardless of who you root for. We only ask one thing to all of those who attend: treat others as you would want to be treated. We appreciate some minor razzing back and forth, but please keep it civil. We do not tolerate any physical violence, threats, property damage, etc of any kind! Fans of all ages are welcome to attend, we tend to always have a few kids around (we have non-alcoholic options).


We love fans who want to eat, drink, talk football and be merry! We are all fans of the game and want to have a good time. As the Hogettes always say: Hate the team, not the fan!




THIS IS IMPORTANT! We are a potluck style tailgate. What does that mean? The tailgate’s success depends on everyone’s participation! Rather than making monetary donations, we absolutely need people to bring food, drinks and supplies. We understand some folks coming from out of town are limited in what they can bring, so in those cases, monetary contributions are welcome (but not solicited). But for people who have the capability of bringing something, we can’t eat money (well we could, but it’s not that tasty). Please see the “Needed Items” section for what you can bring. But what do we really want to see? We want to see you bring your favorite special dishes. Something you make that you or others love to eat! We love to see new items at the tailgate, and that is what makes our tailgate special.


If you are bringing something that needs to be cooked at the tailgate, you can reach out in this thread or on our facebook group page to see if anyone has grill space (it’s up to you to coordinate with anyone who does). What I highly recommend is to bring your own portable grill. If you don’t have one, they can be bought pretty cheap, and once you make that investment, you too could be part of our core tailgating crew!


This tailgate has been around for quite a while. The thing that has really kept it going are our core tailgaters. These are folks who are the “heart” of this tailgate. These are the folks who come on a consistent basis (if not every game), and make significant donations in food, drinks and supplies. These are the folks you see at every tailgate cooking up food for everyone to enjoy. We have been very lucky to grab a core tailgater here and there over the years, but we are looking for more. If you want to join this elite group, please let us know!! We are always on the lookout for more!


Please try to post in this thread, or on our facebook group page what you are bringing. Please see our “Needed Items” section below, if you have questions on what to bring. The biggest thing we need of course is food & drinks!




This thread gets high traffic by many of our tailgate veterans. I highly recommend that if you have any questions regarding details of our tailgate, that you post them here. 99% of any questions you may have should be easily answered here.


Many of the members of our tailgate also frequent our facebook group page (Extremeskins Tailgaters). You may post questions here as well. I you are not a member, just request to join, and we will approve your request as soon as possible. The facebook group can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/28387710874/


If you are unable to get your question or request answered via these two methods, you may shoot either Huly (skinshuly@gmail.com) or I (pez@gwu.edu) an email.







  •  Soda

  •  Water

  •  Beer/Mixed Drinks/Spirits

  •  Items for "The Bar" (Dale McCord will post needed items)



  •  Hamburgers w/Buns

  •  Hot Dogs w/Buns

  •  Sausages, Brats, etc w/Buns

  •  Grilled chicken, steak, etc

  •  Other Protein items (Shrimp/pork/beef/chicken/etc... surprise us!)

  •  Side items (pasta salad, macaroni salad, veggie tray, etc)

  •  Desserts (cookies, brownies, pies, cakes)

  •  Condiments (ketchup, mustard, onions, tomatoes, lettuce, etc)

  •  Dips, salsa, etc



  •  - Grills (we never have enough!)

  •  - Canopy's/Tents

  •  - Tables (another item we always need!)

  •  - Games (beer pong/cornhole/lasso golf/etc)

  •  - Coolers with Ice

  •  - Plastic Cups

  •  - Plasticware (forks/knives/spoons)

  •  - Paper Plates

  •  - Napkins/Paper Towels









  •  Wings !!! (Pez/Huly)



  •  Flagpoles/Flags (Pez/Huly)

  •  1 Canopy (Pez/Huly)

  •  1 Table (Pez/Huly)

  •  2 Chairs (Pez/Huly)



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I’ll be there got a tent, speaker, custom corn hole boards and bags, I’ll be cooking eggs, venison, bacon, and chicken on the griddle. I’ll have chips as well I’ll have tortillas and bagels. And I’m sure I’ll have some soda, maybe oj, water etc. I’ll have some number of Jell-O shots not sure on number but wife tends to go over board when she makes them 🤣 I’ll have several serving platters if anyone needs any. I’ve also got a little can to set up to collect tabs for you guys from anybody that is with us. I’ve also got almost 2 full sets of cornhole bags One of my sets only has 6 bags vs 8 but if somebody needs to borrow some they are more than welcome. Same with the boards if anyone wants to play more than welcome to. My brother and I are super excited especially since we got a free extra pair of tickets due to the command the canvas debut this weekend. btw we will be the dudes with the mandalorian helmets haha. 

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On 9/5/2022 at 5:34 PM, Leonard Washington said:

I'm not going to this game but hope to bring my kids to their first game this year*.  Is this a young kid-friendly group?---nevermind I found the answer.  Good to know.


*I'm secretly hoping they are so good that I won't be able to afford it.

Usually is 


I'll be there Sunday 

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As I predicted wife way overdid the Jell-O shots please come get a couple lol I will be cooking plenty of food. eggs, sausage, chicken breast, ground venison, hash browns, tortillas, bagels, chips. Buddy is cooking wings. I also have a tin to collect the pop tops from any of our drinks to donate as well 


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42 minutes ago, Mrshadow008 said:

As I predicted wife way overdid the Jell-O shots please come get a couple lol I will be cooking plenty of food. eggs, sausage, chicken breast, ground venison, hash browns, tortillas, bagels, chips. Buddy is cooking wings. I also have a tin to collect the pop tops from any of our drinks to donate as well 


Good night Irene!!!!     

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I’m glad to see the tailgate going strong. I have one more year of UVA tailgating and our daughter graduates and leaves the Cavaliers Marching Band. I’m hoping she joins the Redskins band but it’s going to be a few years.  

regardless I hope to make at least one game this season. 

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