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Game Day Thread: 2022 - REGULAR SEASON

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I've given RR a pass and even come around on him every season of the last two seasons. However, it he drops a third game, to Cooper ****ing Rush, we need to have serious discussion here. Let him finish out the year, he can still clean up the culture, but we'll need a FOOTBALL coach...

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45 minutes ago, Cooleyfan1993 said:

I’m surprised the Bucs chiefs game hasn’t officially been moved from Tampa for SNF yet….isn’t the hurricane supposed to hit Tampa pretty bad? 


I think they are saying that Tampa won't take a direct hit. The worst will be south of there.


But I could see them postponing the game or moving it to a "neutral" site, like Miami who, I believe, will just be grazed by this storm.

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16 minutes ago, zCommander said:

Just got home and turned on the game and was like who is Miami playing today? The polar bears.... lol

My daughter guessed the zebras and now I can’t unsee it.  They do look like the Cincinnati Zebras.  

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