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Game Day Thread: 2022 - REGULAR SEASON

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13 hours ago, Warhead36 said:

Trey Lance might actually suck


For a guy that hasn't played much football, even in college, he should be slinging it all over the yard in preseason.  He's got a lot of reps to make up for.  

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just saw something I don't think I saw before.  Lions vs Steelers Steelers kickoff, and there's flags with Steelers facemasking a Lion and the Lions holding a Steeler, penalties offset at the spot of the Lions foul, instead of replaying

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2 hours ago, 757SeanTaylor21 said:

Super surprised seahawks was content with lock and geno and didn't want to get Mayfield for the peanuts the panthers gave for him


Probably ends up being the smart move because nobody is winning the SB with Mayfield at QB.

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Just now, Koolblue13 said:

Super happy for football to be back. I have no idea who wins this. I think the Bills will be better.


McKay has never had a losing record during his seasons with the rams.


I think the Bills take it, but I would rather see the Rams win. I can't stand "Bills Mafia".

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