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Welcome To The Washington Commanders Jahan Dotson WR Penn State


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6 hours ago, Califan007 The Constipated said:


How is it different? (although I probably didn't mention her mom for the reason you just brought up lol)...And she's from Australia, they are wacky there lol.

I’m glad you guys got to the part of the conversation where you acknowledged that this has come up before because I was having the weirdest recollection of having read about this already in the past…which is not something you ever expect to think about the phrase “nipple freckle” on a football message board

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I noticed Jahan because of his feature on ESPN's Hey Rookie show leading up to the draft. He reminds me of Scary Terry in his interviews and the way he goes about work.


I'm medium on the pick overall. I'm taking a wait and see approach. He has the tools so I will wait and see what he produces.


This clip of his mom, who's currently battling cancer so we wish her all the best, is talking about being a Cowboys fan, and dropping them for whoever drafts her son. Welcome to the burgundy and gold Mrs. Dotson!



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Hey all, new (overseas) boy to these boards, love all the opinion & emotion; after watching Jahan's film & interviews, will not be surprised if he has a very decent career & rocks it in the burgandy & gold. The kid carries a football around with him 24/7, lives & breathes it, since 4 years old he said. If character equals success, this kid will have it.


Can't wait to see him in action.  Sure it's early days, but quietly confident about our picks so far. 



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Having Dotson playing slot or Z opposite Terry is going to be such a boost for our 3rd Down success rate. 

Think about every time we had Adam Humphries or Dax Milne out there and replace them with Dotson. His hands are just as reliable, if not more so and he has way more burst coming out of his breaks, and the best ball tracking ability of his class and our whole team. 

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I like Jahan Dotson a lot, but not at 16.  I felt the Commanders traded down, didn't expect all the WRs and Kyle Hamilton to be taken and then decided to take him at this spot.   They weren't drafting bpa at this point, this was a need based pick.   


Jahan Dotson is a very good player, he can play inside and out, plays big, runs good routes and high points the ball.   He's physical for a 5'10 guy and I look forward to seeing him play in Washington.    Soon enough we won't remember where he was drafted.  

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On 4/30/2022 at 11:31 AM, Califan007 The Constipated said:



That was Henry Ellard...if he becomes Henry Ellard we struck gold.

Never forget, touchdowns are first downs. Watching Ellard was a thing of beauty. The league couldn't stop his deep down and out.

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2 hours ago, dswerdlw said:

He said it was because he was the 1st pick taken in the Commanders era.

Ahhh OK. I missed that. Thanks! 


I was wondering if he was going to try to get the #5 from TW. But I like the #1. 

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