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Russian Invasion of Ukraine


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14 minutes ago, CousinsCowgirl84 said:

Feels super risky to me. The might do it two our Allies. I’m thinking most likely abandoning the grain deal and maybe announcing deployment of nuclear warhead in Belarus. 

Even if we catch the perpatrators they'll just deny they did it.  Alternatively they could backchannel funds to terrorist organizations.  Gives them plausible deniability

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2 hours ago, DCSaints_fan said:

One thing Russia might do is sabotage ops inside the US

They already are, and have been. 

They gave us President Trump. They probably killed a million Americans. They're giving us Nazis. 

And all it's costing them is a few Internet trolls, making social media posts about how the Covid vaccine has killed a million people, and telling people to "just do your own research". 

Russia at least contributed to shutting down electrical power to an entire county, for a week. 

They don't have to send a team on Green Berets to swim ashore from a submarine with watertight bags of military weapons and tech. They're already doing it with Internet trolls. 

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Ukraine war latest: Ukraine says Russia plans new major offensive in early 2023


Russia appears to be training as many as 200,000 conscripts to launch a new major offensive in early 2023, which could include another attempt at capturing Kyiv, according to senior Ukrainian officials. 


In a rare interview published on Dec. 15, Commander-in-Chief Valerii Zaluzhnyi told the Economist that Russia's mobilization "has worked" and still posed a "problem" for Ukraine, regardless of its equipment shortage. 


"The Russians are preparing some 200,000 fresh troops," Zaluzhnyi told the Economist. "I have no doubt they will have another go at Kyiv." 


Zaluzhnyi estimated that the Russian leadership had spent around four years gathering several months' worth of resources (soldiers, equipment, and ammunition) to achieve their goals, but it wasted its potential "without achieving practically any result." 


While Russia had thrown whatever resources it had left in the Donbas, it is likely seeking ways to pause the fighting "by any means" so it can recover its troops and "create new potential" to achieve its goals, the army chief added in the interview. 


Russia is also "constraining" Ukrainian troops across the battlefield not to give them time to regroup, wearing them down with heavy fighting, Zaluzhnyi said, quoted by the Economist. But the Donbas is still "a no-win situation for the Russian army," he added. 


Click on the link for the full article

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10 hours ago, DCSaints_fan said:

Even if we catch the perpatrators they'll just deny they did it.  Alternatively they could backchannel funds to terrorist organizations.  Gives them plausible deniability

They would ask Wagner to do it, most likely, and say they have nothing to do as Wagner is a private company illegal in Russia.

Then I wonder what would happen if that country, whoever it is, strikes Wagner's positions in retaliation...

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How Putin's War in Ukraine Became a Catastrophe for Russia


A Times investigation based on interviews, intercepts, documents and secret battle plans shows how a “walk in the park” became a catastrophe for Russia.


  • Russian soldiers go into battle with little food, few bullets and instructions grabbed from Wikipedia for weapons they barely know how to use.
  • They plod through Ukraine with old maps like this one from the 1960s, recovered from the battlefield, or no maps at all.
  • They speak on open cellphone lines, revealing their positions and exposing the incompetence and disarray in their ranks.
  • They have trained at dilapidated Russian bases hollowed out by corruption, including this one, home to a tank division badly defeated in Ukraine.
  • They are given wildly unrealistic timetables and goals for taking Ukrainian territory and complain of being sent into a “meat grinder.”


This is the inside story of historic Russian failures.


They never had a chance.


Fumbling blindly through cratered farms, the troops from Russia’s 155th Naval Infantry Brigade had no maps, medical kits or working walkie-talkies, they said. Just a few weeks earlier, they had been factory workers and truck drivers, watching an endless showcase of supposed Russian military victories at home on state television before being drafted in September. One medic was a former barista who had never had any medical training.


Now, they were piled onto the tops of overcrowded armored vehicles, lumbering through fallow autumn fields with Kalashnikov rifles from half a century ago and virtually nothing to eat, they said. Russia had been at war most of the year, yet its army seemed less prepared than ever. In interviews, members of the brigade said some of them had barely fired a gun before and described having almost no bullets anyway, let alone air cover or artillery. But it didn’t frighten them too much, they said. They would never see combat, their commanders had promised.


Only when the shells began crashing around them, ripping their comrades to pieces, did they realize how badly they had been duped.


Click on the link for the full article

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Russian and Belarus troops on brink of civil war as tensions explode over ethnic insults


A major conflict between Belarusian and Russian troops is threatening to break out due to "uncontrolled tensions" between the soldiers of both armies. Recent weeks have seen increased speculation that Vladimir Putin intends to launch another strike on Kyiv from Belarus. The Russian military has been steadily transferring troops to its neighbour, as it continues to build up its presence in the country.


The Ukrainian Resistance Centre said on November 25 that 12,000 Russian soldiers were stationed in Belarus.


Ukraine's military intelligence, the GUR, also claimed in September that Lukashenko was preparing to accommodate as many as 20,000 mobilised Russian conscripts.


Russian troops are currently being put through their paces by Belarusian military instructors at the 230th Combined Arms Obuz-Lesnovsky Training Ground in Brest.


They are also receiving instruction at military bases located near Mozyr, Gomel, and Mogilev.


However, tensions are reported to be rising between the Russians and their Belarusian hosts and are threatening to boil over into a major conflict.


Sources indicate Russian soldiers have infuriated their Belarusian counterparts by using ethnically charged insults towards them.


In a recent intelligence update, Ukraine's GUR wrote: "Tensions between the militaries of the two states are also growing in Belarus.


"Numerous conflict situations are connected with precedents of contemptuous attitude of the Russian military towards Belarusians.


"The military police of the Republic of Serbia are unable to restrain the illegal behaviour of Russians.


"In particular, the reports submitted by senior officers of the SSR based on the complaints of their rank-and-file servicemen indicate disparaging expressions and behaviour of Russians towards Belarusians.


"Specifically, using insults based on ethnic characteristics.


"The number of precedents is growing rapidly, which leads to an uncontrolled escalation of tension in Belarus."


Further reports suggest an increasing number of Belarusian officers are unhappy with their country's political-military leadership over the prospect of becoming embroiled in Putin's war.


Click on the link for the full article

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Ukraine: Russia to deploy musicians to front to boost morale


Russia says it will deploy musicians and singers to the front lines of its war in Ukraine to boost troops' morale.


The defence ministry announced the formation of the "front-line creative brigade" this week, saying it would also include circus performers.


The UK's Ministry of Defence highlighted the brigade's creation in an intelligence update on Sunday.


Meanwhile, Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu visited frontline troops in Ukraine, Moscow said.


Click on the link for the full article



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Putin tells security services to find ‘traitors and spies’: Media


Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered the strengthening of Russia’s borders and instructed security services to keep greater control of society and root out “traitors, spies and saboteurs”, the country’s news agencies have reported.


Speaking on Security Services Day, widely celebrated in Russia, Putin on Monday instructed his security officials to protect the borders, increase control of society, and maximise their “use of the operational, technical and personnel potential” to prevent risks coming from abroad and internal traitors.


“Maximum composure, concentration of forces is now required from counterintelligence agencies, including military intelligence,” the TASS state news agency cited Putin as saying.

“It is necessary to severely suppress the actions of foreign special services, quickly identify traitors, spies and saboteurs,” TASS said.


Russia’s borders must also be strengthened, he said.


“Work must be intensified through the border services and the Federal Security Service [FSB],” Russia’s state-owned RIA news agency cited Putin as saying on Monday.


“And it [the border] must be reliably covered. Any attempts to violate it must be thwarted quickly and effectively using whatever forces and means we have at our disposal, including mobile action units and special forces,” he said.


Click on the link for the full article


I guess he's tired of having things in Russia keep blowing up or catching fire.


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From what I understood about the Patriots would be that even if it's announced now, it wouldn't be ready until March or something like that due to training time for Ukrainian that would take place in Germany.


Obviously, I would expect that a Zelensky move to Washngton means something kinda important is gonna be said here, so I'm expecting something a bit different than saying "Hey we're gonna give you Patriots and you'll have them in 4 months!".


Ukrainians need help, and they need it now. We always seem to be a bit late in delivering what they need. It would be great if for once we could give something to prevent Russia from diving more into horror and destruction.

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