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Press Release: NFL Announces The Passing Of John Madden


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Rip to one of the most influential people in football history. 

So eery, I read an article earlier that had a headline that read " raiders mourn the passing of a superbowl champion" and it was Bruce davis.

I thought what a ****ty headline , they want people to think it was John madden.

That was this morning.

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I had thought that the timing of the Madden special was a bit weird. I figured it would be a Super Bowl week thing, since I doubt many people would normally tune in on Christmas day. But the death is unexpected. Just eerie. Glad he got to celebrate one last Christmas though.


The NFL has gone on for over a decade with him on the face of the biggest broadcasts, but I feel like the NFL is going to be a little less without him. I can't think of another broadcaster in the sport that will be able to carry the same authority as Madden did. Romo might eventually, but there will only ever be one Madden.

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Madden for a long time, was football.


As a commentator on NFL Network just said, on Sundays you would see him on pregame, then call a game for three hours. You would see him on commercials selling things from foot powder to beer. Then when the games were over that Sunday, you would go to your video game console and play Madden Football.


I remember him fondly because he and Pat Summeral (sp) were the top broadcasting team on CBS when Washington (then the Redskins) were truly great.


He called some of our biggest games during the Joe Gibbs 1.0 era. I believed he called all of the NFC title games that propelled Washington into the Super Bowl.


A great coach. A great broadcaster, that are a part of a lot of my fond memories of great Washington teams.


RIP Coach Madden.



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One of my favorite Madden clips.  Just talking about Larry Allen run blocking play after play, with Summerall adding his 2 cents occasionally.



Madden: "I always say he is the best lineman in football, but when I say that, the pundits say... is that the word... the pundits..."

Summerall: "That Is a word".


The Madden part starts at about 30 seconds in... just classic Madden focusing on a guard for a whole drive.



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John Madden taught me football. Never meet the guy -Not a video gamer -but growing up in the 80's he did a LOT of Redskins games.  For those that never saw him announcing or only saw him on MNF -It is hard to explain how good he was at announcing with Pat Summerall.  Not saying he was bad on MNF, but with Pat Summerall -It was different.  


He didn't just tell you the plays or offer his thoughts, he showed you and explained to you why a play was called. Why it worked (or didn't).  He reviewed the rules but in a different way every time.  He found a way to show in detail how a TE on the far side of the field was key to success of a screen pass on the other side.  IT didnt matter if you were watching a NFL game for the 1st time ever, or for the 1000th time.  You learned something new from John Madden and it was explained and showed in way that was never condescending, never repetitive, and never boring.  


Combined with Pat Summerall it never got too sidetracked either.   And if you did see a lot of John Madden and Pat Summerall- you even picked up on their inside jokes ("Next on CBS, Murder..........................................She wrote" Was one of the ongoing jokes).


In addition -What made him really special and in the booth -I bet you EVERY FAN of EVERY NFL team who watched madden to this day will tell you "He LOVED my team".  For 90% of the announcers out there I can tell you what team they like, if they don't like the WFT, or if they don't care.  With Madden - He knew so much about every team you always thought he was a fan of YOUR team.  



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