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The Official QB Thread- The Time is Howell! Welcome to Sam's Club, The Place where you get 2 starters for a discount. I Ain't Upset with Brissett!


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Sheesh...at least we didn't give up the farm for Wilson. Can you imagine the **** we would be going through right now. This thread would be out of control. I will take the two Touchdowns from Heiny and the great game from BRob. D kind of got worked today but held up.....on to next week.

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2 hours ago, SoCalSkins said:

3 year 30 million extension. Would have locked Heinicke up for 4 years at 7.75 mil a year with the team able to get out after a year. He’s going to command more than that dude. Not understanding that fact is moronic. Nothing I have said. So maybe just read my comments take them as fact and be more informed. Or argue and look like you do now.  



Others have done the talking here to point out how nonsensical this is. Please point out another time a 3 year $30M contract has been given to a QB in the last 5 years or so with the structure you have proposed. 


I am fine with a $5M or $6M AAV, which is where guys like Keenum and Brissett are at. If he is priced closer to $10M, let him walk

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2 hours ago, Voice_of_Reason said:

I wouldn’t pay a QB $3M for this production.


The team is damn lucky the defense is playing lights out and they can run the ball a ton. 

And they are playing mostly weak competition.  The Eagles aside, the other 5 teams they beat are not good.  

If the defense was t playing outstanding, we’d be losing by 20+ with this level of QB play and everybody would be screaming for a change, any change.  

I’m glad other people can see this. It’s been hard to get excited about what we’re doing. Even considering the eagles game it’s taking tremendous amounts of good luck to get where we are. It’s a legit repeat of 2020

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1 hour ago, Spaceman Spiff said:


I've said it before, I'll say it again here.  I'm convinced there's some yet-to-be-discovered advanced stat, some advanced metric, analytic, whatever, that explains how guys like Heinicke and Alex Smith can win games and not put up gaudy stats.  


Let me be clear when I say that I don't think Heinicke is any sort of a long term solution and he shouldn't be the starter next year.  But in no way do I want to see Wentz for the rest of the year.  


Like it or not, it's working.  It's unexplainable, but it's working.  

They win against bad teams that make mistakes. Limit mistakes and have some fluky things happen against good teams and you have a fighting chance. The way that we’re winning will not work for playoff runs. QB play and passing is what Carries this league. 

we win against bad passing offenses. 

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1 hour ago, zCommander said:

F all of the coaches are coming back next year than you keep Taylor as the backup though. We know he can come in and win you some games despite all the flaws. 

No, you cut him lose and let somebody else pay him.  Howell can do everything TH is doing.  Because he’s not doing anything. 

He completed 5 passes in the second half for 34 yards.  

Half of his yards were on the first drive.


I’ve never seen Howell play in the NFL but I’m positive he could match that.  

Frankly I think the quarterback of Langley High School could match  that.  

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Seriously please raise your hand if you think heineke is the future. 

Now also raise your hand if you think the people coming in acting like heineke is the worst QB of all time and we are the 85 Bears D combined with the greatest show on turf just waiting to be unleashed with even Teddy Bridgewater level QB play are absolutely missing the mark.

(I hope no one here thinks heineke is the future AND the greatest show on turf O + 85 Bears D is being held back by QB play, you’d think that’s a conflict of interest) 

It’s getting old. Just cause you spent all off season dismissing the fact heineke belongs on an NFL roster and that it was absolutely crazy bonkers insane to act like heineke should have ever been considered as an option (which I agree with trying to upgrade and trying to take a chance on a Wentz), doesn’t mean he’s doing absolutely nothing and that Wentz could just stroll in and produce the same results.


We’re 7-5 in literally the first time in forever, in the drivers seat for a playoff spot 12 games in and all I see a handful of posters doing is acting like it’s a matter of time before it all comes crashing down. I mean maybe it does, but what the hell is the actual point in following this cursed ass team that’s sucked for YEARS if all you can think of is winning with a more flashy style of play with a big armed QB that just happens to take more sacks and negative plays when we’re 7-5? Like I said, first time in forever. It’s honestly insane and it makes me feel really badly for those that get more emotionally invested in the method of winning as opposed to actually just flat out winning. 

To those that say, “well it’s limiting the potential of how far they can go,” well fantastic and I agree. But we’re also never 7-5 and usually 4-8 so what the hell is the point of acting like that’s a problem when we don’t get to the dance in the first place? It’s surreal to me, just enjoy it and worry about QB next year in the offseason. 

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Im amazed by all the negativity. Yes Taylor is not our franchise qb and anyone who thinks he is the next Joe Montana is simply delusional. 

We were 1-4 with Wentz at the helm and talking about draft position and who is gonna be fired. Heck the best news we had with the team was the potential sale by Dan.


Then Wentz gets hurt and the entire team steps up. We don’t give up the high number of sacks, Terry is a focal point of the passing game and most importantly we create an identity on offense. Now we are talking about the playoffs except the guys nitpicking on anything related to Taylor. Sure Taylor hasn’t necessarily won all these games himself ala Josh Allen or Mahomes but I’m all about being happy and positive about the wins.  Period!

Have you ever had a manager or boss that just seemed to get it and people just responded to him or her? Something to be said of those types of intangibles that can’t be measured. Taylor shouldn’t get all the credit for the wins but he’s the qb and in football you simply do. At the same time he should get the criticism if we lose but we’re not so help me understand all the negativity about him. 

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There legit isn’t an option. Jimmy G is nyj bound. The draft isn’t happening. Who the hell does that leave? Maybe Rodgers asks out GB for a last hurrah? I see a Wentz Howell QB room next year. Levis 🤮. Let’s see about Richardson but I doubt he comes out. I want nothing to do with Levis and nothing to do with Ron picking the next QB in a lame duck year. If Ron’s gone like I’m still expecting then just blow the whole thing up next year anyways. 

this franchise is in the crack of all cracks of needing to go one direction or the other. Unfortunately the go for it route doesn’t have an option that I would consider. 

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1 minute ago, CommanderCarson said:

What time do you think?

I think we will be the night game at 8:15 Eastern. Cowboys Giants was biggest Thanksgiving game ever ratings wise. They want more NFC East. 5 games are up to be moved in week 15 to Saturday and they will choose 3. There is no way we aren’t getting chosen to be one.



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  • Koolblue13 changed the title to The Official QB Thread- The Time is Howell! Welcome to Sam's Club, The Place where you get 2 starters for a discount. I Ain't Upset with Brissett!

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