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Footage of Detroit playing Washington at Griffith Stadium - Nov. 14, 1943


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This is, I believe, the famous game where Sammy Baugh intercepts four passes and throws for four TDs in a single game. His reputation as an accurate, intermediate passer and dangerous punter is on full display here.


Additionally, I am amazed by the high quality of this color footage from the team's original home in D.C. 

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3 hours ago, Chris 44 said:

That was really neat to watch, thanks!. Amazing how things have changed. Punter standing 5 yards behind the line of scrimmage was cool to see.

Yeah, I knew the quick kick was a more common part of the game back then but it was interesting seeing it in action. And it makes sense. Moving the ball was much more difficult back then and field position made all the difference. 

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Something that caught my eye about this: how often and effectively Washington would punt. There were a few quick kicks on 2nd and even 1st down that turned the field around and put the Lions in a real jam. One in the first quarter - Baugh sent one a good 70 yards or so and Detroit couldn't make anything happen. 

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