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WCCO: Are People Angrier Nowadays? And What Can We Do To Manage It?


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On 10/1/2021 at 10:58 AM, Hersh said:


I disagree. People just need to make it a priority. That includes putting it on the schedule if need be. 

This reminds me. 

i know this person still, but when I was in my teens I was around them all the time, and he worked for the redskins. He has 3 super bowl rings that are his - they stay in his house. He wasn’t a player/coach, but different people that worked for the team in different capacities has options to get a super bowl ring. 

anyways, he was explaining to my dad an I one day (I’m like 15), why the team messed up in brining al Saunders to the team. Basically he was an old school coach that believed in regimented discipline and “just do what I say” type of a dynamic between players and coaches. He was a complete and total hardass - but not in a way that was endearing on any level. The issue, according to him, was that players these days were coddled their entire upbringing and if you try to treat them like that they’ll just close you off and you’ll never get anything out of them; times had changed, that way of coaching was dead, you had to find a new way to lead todays young men. 

anyways, he finished describing how obnoxious Saunders was if he ran your program by saying, “that man doesn’t **** his wife unless it’s written on the calendar” 

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38 minutes ago, tshile said:

I’m definitely more angry


sorry but life is hard enough. I don’t need people making it harder for dumb reasons. 

If you're angry and hard, you have a problem...you know I love ya, I just couldn't resist

u just kept  throwing me the pitch


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Everyone on the planet, every single person, is essentially in the midst of a mental health crisis due to the bulldozer of stressors- COVID, climate change, economic issues, politics, etc. We've never done this before, never really had everyone in at the same time and the cracks are showing.


Some people handle stress better than others.

Some people have never been stressed before and are lost.

Some were pre-stressed for your convenience and are being pushed to the edge.

Some people were already broken into shards and just lay there twitching.

Some people shoulder their **** and reach out a hand to others nearby to help them as a way to deal with their own.

Some of us went back to smokin weed.


One thing though seems to be a common theme. The overwhelming majority are willing to tell you how bad they have it, chapter and verse, but are oblivious to the fact that everyone else is too. That typical selfish, short-sighted nihilistic reflex in the species of FU I got mine/ NIMBY/ I didn't (want to) know means we stay at the same original law of the jungle fight to the death and eat the loser stage.


IF you're hurting, let others know and accept that they are too. I really DGAF if you nervous or shy or unwilling, bottling the **** in means you stay full of ****. 

Let that **** out, give us a sympathy flush if necessary but stay in there until you're done.


We're all in this together

We always were




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Melbourne man attacks neighbor with hammer, report shows


Stacey Burgin, 53, was arrested on charges of aggravated battery on a person 65 or older and armed burglary, officers said.


An affidavit shows Burgin showed up to his neighbor’s home, pounding on the door before the victim told him to leave.


Shortly after, thinking Burgin was gone, the victim opened the door to leave the apartment when the suspect entered the home, armed with a metal hammer, investigators said.


The affidavit adds he entered the home and proceeded to strike the victim two to three times with the weapon.


Police said upon booking Burgin, he said he believed the victim falsely reported to officers that “his veteran Lyft driver dropped him off at home earlier with an open container of alcoholic beverage,” thus making his actions against her in their “neighborly feud ... right.”


Click on the link for the full article


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Violent brawl breaks out at Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City: video


A violent brawl involving dozens of suited-up men broke out inside a casino in Atlantic City this week, chaotic footage shows.


Police in New Jersey said the fight erupted at Harrah’s Resort just before 3 a.m. Tuesday, the Press reported.


At least one person was taken to a nearby hospital to be treated for non-life-threatening injuries sustained in the melee, according to cops.


Footage of the fight shows multiple people being thrown to the floor and punched inside one of the casino’s dining areas.


At one point, a man in a light-colored suit jacket could be seen striking someone on the floor with a chair.




Some women could be seen scrambling away as multiple security guards tried to step in.


Hundreds of mortgage lenders and realtors were in Atlantic City at the time for a real estate convention.


A person who witnessed the ordeal told The Post the fight broke out after several mortgage companies threw various parties across the city earlier in the night.


Click on the link for the full article and video

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Violent fight derails Glastonbury Board of Education meeting


A fractious public meeting of the Glastonbury Board of Education was ended early on Tuesday night after heated words turned into physical violence, with a resident who came to speak coming to blows with a member of the board during a recess in the meeting.


The Glastonbury Board of Education was holding a special hearing to discuss a petition asking the board to reverse its decision to replace the Tomahawk mascot. 


"The processes to be reviewed and the whole issue needs to be reviewed before the Guardians become a permanent logo or symbol or mascot for our town," said a Glastonbury resident during public comment. 


"I commend you for your actions and I ask everyone to please move on, let’s support our students, let’s educate them the best we possibly can, and let’s treat everyone with the respect that they deserve," said another Glastonbury resident.


After the public comment portion of the meeting, the board announced a 10-minute recess. That was when the board member and resident became confrontational with each other. 


The entire incident was recorded on a cell phone, showing the two men face-to-face, with the resident yelling directly into the board member's face. When the resident gets even closer, the board member pushes him away into the auditorium seats. Then the resident punches the board member in the face, knocking him off his feet.


After the punch was thrown, the crowd separated the two and the board member was brought back onto the auditorium stage. 


That was when the superintendent announced the meeting would end because of the fight. Moments later everyone was asked to leave and the police showed up.


Click on the link for the full article and video

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Are motorists angrier these days? What's perception and what's reality


Recently, Jordana Berzansky was driving on a busy city street with a car full of donations for Afghan refugees.


The Laguna Niguel resident felt great about her “good deed.” But then she heard the honking. She was stopped at a red light and the motorist behind her leaned hard on his horn. He waved his hands everywhere, gesturing rudely.


She saw the driver pull out his phone and take a photo of her vehicle.


He followed her for a few miles.


“What is he going to do?” Berzansky thought to herself. “Is he going to keep following me? Does he have a weapon?”


Rattled, she kept driving until she lost him, she said. Berzansky, 42, said the incident left her shaken. It was the second time during the COVID-19 pandemic that she’d had to contend with an overtly angry driver.


Road rage and aggressive driving have been an issue since long before the virus struck. But some experts, studies and local law enforcement officials point to an uptick in aggressive driving and road rage incidents following the onset of the pandemic.


Underlying stress, isolation and trauma from grief during the pandemic are bleeding into everyday life, particularly driving, says Ryan Martin, a psychology professor at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay who researches anger, road rage and aggressive driving.


“Incivility just seems to be on the rise right now, and it’s part of what’s sort of causing some of the road rage problems. We are just not being very kind to each other right now, and it’s influencing how we behave on the road,” said Martin, who has a series of TikTok posts about how to deal with, and avoid, road rage.


Click on the link for the full article

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'We've seen lifelong friends kill each other:' How a state capital became one of the deadliest US cities


Around Thanksgiving, this crisis-plagued state capital saw a series of shootings that pushed the year's homicide total past 130, setting a grim annual record for a city that over the last two years has quietly become one of the country's deadliest.


In the state's most populous city, a former Confederate stronghold that would later give way to thriving Black business districts and serve as a hub for the Civil Rights movement in the 1960s, residents are now grappling with a gun violence epidemic that spiked at the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic and shows no signs of abating.

"We see lifelong friends kill each other, we've seen a son kill his mother and sister, have seen crimes that are based on social determinants and an inability of people to be engaged in institutions in which they thrive," Jackson Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba told CNN during a tour of the city. 


Yearly homicide rate per 100,000 people




Click on the link for the full article



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Kansas Man on ‘Mission From God’ Charged With Threatening Biden’s Life


A Kansas man claiming he had been told by God to travel to Washington, D.C., to “lop off the head of the serpent in the heart of the nation” has been charged with threatening to assassinate President Joe Biden via a “fatal head wound,” according to a criminal complaint first obtained by The Daily Beast. On Jan. 26, construction contractor Scott Merryman drove from Independence, Kansas, to Hagerstown, Maryland, where he was intercepted by the Secret Service in the parking lot of a Cracker Barrel, the complaint states. There, he told agents he “had to deliver a message to President Biden, and advise him that people were fed up with the divisiveness in the country and to turn back to God (or go to hell),” the filing explains. “Merryman made numerous comments about God, being guided by God, cloaked in the ‘blood of the lamb,’ and armored by God.” Agents found a loaded magazine for a .45 on him and a spotting scope in his backpack, which Merryman said was for “recon,” according to the feds.





“I’m coming for his **** ass sleepy Joe,” Merryman, who does not have a lawyer listed in court records, allegedly told one of the agents. “I’m talking about President Biden and you can quote me.”


Click on the link for more


A mission from God?  Yes, I'm sure God condones murder.  How Christian of him.

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28 minutes ago, China said:

A mission from God?  Yes, I'm sure God condones murder.  How Christian of him.


Does it have to go on the internet though? Why do they always put it on the internet? Just do it. This has to be a cry of help, they must want someone to stop them.

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I really don't think Golden Corral food is worth fighting over:


‘All I wanted was some steak.’ Watch massive Golden Corral fight in Pennsylvania


A brawl involving dozens of people at a Golden Corral restaurant in Pennsylvania led to chairs and punches being thrown, video shows.


The fight occurred Friday, Jan. 28, at the Golden Corral in Bensalem and police say more than 40 people were involved, according to KYW.


No one was injured in the fight, Golden Coral said in a statement on Monday, Jan. 31.


Video shows several of the restaurant’s workers intervening in attempts to break up the brawl.


Click on the link for more



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Video: Man acting belligerent in Jacksonville Tijuana Flats throws high chair, shoves manager


A video has been circulating online of a man acting belligerent inside a Tijuana Flats restaurant in the Oceanway neighborhood.


At one point, David Scott, the general manager, warns everyone to run because he thought the man could be armed.


“It was kind of a crazy situation. Kind of flew off the handle for what seemed like no reason,” Scott said. “It was a stressful situation, but I’m not injured. That’s what I’m grateful for.”


During the video, the man appears to becomes more aggressive, at one point throwing a high chair at Scott, then trying to punch and shove him.


Click on the link for the full article and video

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Texas Man Shoots At Restaurant Workers Over BBQ Sauce Argument


A man from Houston, Texas, is accused of shooting restaurant employees over an argument about barbecue sauce.


Andre Thomas, 36, is facing two charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and burglar of habitation after he grew angry that there wasn't enough barbecue sauce in his to-go order, according to Click 2 Houston.


The incident occurred at the Dickey's BBQ Pit on Shady Drive in northeast Harris County in January.


According to Click 2 Houston, Thomas picked up his to-go order and left the restaurant. He then called the restaurant "angry and upset" because "they did not give him enough BBQ sauce in his to-go order," Harris County District Attorney's Office spokesperson Jill Wells said. Employees tried to appease Thomas and fix the situation, but he angrily went back into the restaurant.


"Now, he’s verbally threatening them (saying), 'I’ll come back and shoot up the place,'" Wells said.


Thomas initially left the restaurant, but he never left the parking lot. Wells said Thomas waited for the employees to leave. He followed the workers down the road and shot into their car.

"He strikes one of the complaint victims five times, breaking a bone in their arm. The other victim, thank goodness, was not shot," Wells said.


Click on the link for the full article

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Hate Crime Charges in Grotesque Feces Attack on NYC Subway Platform


A man who allegedly smeared human feces on the face and head of a 43-year-old woman sitting on a subway station bench will now face hate crime charges for the attack.


Frank Abrokwa, 37, of the Bronx, faces harassment and menacing as hate crime charges, the NYPD said early Wednesday. Abrokwa, who also has another open hate crime case in Brooklyn as well, was released on his own recognizance by a judge, the Bronx DA's office said.


The woman was sitting on the bench on the southbound platform at the East 241st Street station around 5:15 p.m. on Feb. 21 when Abrokwa allegedly attacked her.


Police released video that shows the man holding what appears to be a black plastic bag as he approaches the woman. He then mashes the hand holding the bag into her face before running off.


Click on the link for the full article and video

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