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2021 NFL Draft Day Thread

Message added by TK,


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I’m indifferent on Bates. Fits the profile. Can put his hand in the dirt.


Hopefully with time he becomes a master.

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that was awesome lol...thought it was just gonna be 'aw it's a dumbass, dammit' but he pulled it out at the end and with the finish


plus we got a damn te

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ESPN writeup:  


Bates blocks to the echo of the whistle, he's got the frame to cover up defenders in space, and he has upside as an in-line blocker. He's a reliable safety valve in the passing game, but he needs to get stronger. He doesn't separate well and he's not a big-play threat. -- Steve Muench

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Most college tight ends are not former 110-meter hurdle and javelin state champions in high school (Bates finished in the top five in the triple and long jumps at Oregon's state meet in 2014, as well). A two-time all-state pick in football at Lebanon High School, as well, Bates was a three-star prospect when he signed with the Broncos. He started two of 14 games played as a redshirt freshman in 2017 (3 catches, 34 yards, 11.3 yards per catch) and then eight of 13 games the following season (10 catches, 155 yards, 15.5 yards per catch, one TD). Bates became a larger part of the Broncos' offense his junior year (22 catches, 273 yards, 12.4 yards per catch, one TD) and garnered honorable mention All-Mountain West Conference notice -- an honor he repeated in 2020, despite missing time with a hamstring injury (12 catches, 117 yards, 9.8 yards per catch in five games, with four starts). He accepted an invitation to the Senior Bowl. -- by Chad Reuter



  • Built for the league with desired size and thickness.
  • Releases quickly into routes off the snap.
  • Sneaky speed in the seam.
  • Quality catch radius.
  • Can leap and make in-air adjustments to high throws.
  • Able to drop and dig out lower throws.
  • Lateral quickness on back-side zone blocks.
  • Good positioning as blocker in space.
  • Just two career touchdowns and 47 catches in 46 games.
  • Doesn't always play to his true speed.
  • One-speed routes are easier for defenders to read.
  • Below-average foot quickness and hip sink for quick breaks underneath.
  • Lacks instinctive route-running qualities.
  • Allows coverage to crowd catch space and bother his focus.
  • Tossed around at the point of attack by Washington in 2019.
  • Hands aren't into block quickly enough.
  • Needs to find balanced platform into run fit.
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Great call TK!!!! Now, Jefferson in the 5th?

Just now, HigSkin said:

Logan Paulsen said they needed more of a blocking TE to replace Sprinkle so I guess he was right on that.

Bates can catch and run too!! :)

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4 minutes ago, GhostofSparta said:

Wait, they didn't go to commercial and are showing our fan? I'm so confused


I agree. And NFL Network has the better broadcast than ESPN.

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1 minute ago, Skinsinparadise said:

OK Bates is a really good blocker.   Oldish prospect 23.5.   Not fast --4.82.  More of an old school traditional TE IMO.   6 5" 250 pounds.

Looks good on film though.  


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Just now, TK said:

Told You So Comedy GIF by NETFLIX


Yep.   Standig from what i recall mentioned him too.  And both you guys also if I recall mentioned Jermar Jefferson,  so I gathering that's who are 5th round pick will be? 😀

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1 minute ago, Malapropismic Depository said:


If you're joking, you should be banned for a day !

Yeah I'm not kidding 🤣 that was who they threw out there

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