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Nadia Bokody: Surprising truth about how long sex should last

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11 hours ago, China said:

As one woman put it, “If it takes an hour for either of you to get what you came to get, there’s a problem.”

This.  Im not down with any of this just a few minutes nonsense, that’s just cheating yourself, but more than an hour?  Too much.  Though I guess it would be funny to have my Apple Watch start chiming happily in celebration of reaching my hour goal for daily workouts.  


Now this isn’t to say there isn’t a time and place to prove your worth.  Im speaking of your 20s.  We’ve all been there.  We reach for those limits, and find that eventually you start to feel like one big bruise.  Not sexy.  At that point it’s time for you and your partner to spend more time on the beach sipping piña colada’s and less time in the room.




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8 hours ago, tshile said:

I can tell some of you have never done drugs 

You mean like mixing Viagra and Ecstasy? :ph34r:


7 hours ago, Sacks 'n' Stuff said:

the Shocker.

That’s just a warmup for The Minivan (2 in the front, 5 in the rear).

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I don't think there's any set time limit or anything but I also distinguish between one ongoing act and multiple instances as well as other types of play besides just penetration sex.


I can't imaging having sex for over an hour straight. Like, the entire time. That's not only exhausting in general, but IME that sort of thing can get pretty uncomfortable or even painful for the woman. Pump the brakes, Captain Viagra, you're not filming a porn movie.


At the same time having sex, finishing, and then perhaps going again a little later, or even having other sessions of oral or some other play, I like. I'm not generally a "I'm done, let's watch family guy, eat doritos, and then go to sleep" person.

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18 hours ago, tshile said:

Wrong drugs bro

I have always wondered though, is that like taking aderall in college when you don’t need it and can learn an entire semester of calc 3 in 2 days?

Let's be real, here.  Calc 3 was the easy Calc.

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My favorite nickname was the name we had for a guy on out hall in college. He was the "minute man." Of course his girlfriend's nickname was just as good, "Minute Maid."

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