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SB LIV Game Day Thread - Kansas City Football Team at Tampa Bay Football Team

Message added by TK,


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Just now, Simmsy said:

DO you guys not understand the severity of this? We're going to have to hear about Tom ****ing Brady every year until we die if he wins this game. The media will never stop sucking his nuts if he wins.


Too late.  Win or lose, it doesn't matter.



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To whatever extent luck impacts the outcome of things, Brady has it in spades. Throw an interception? Here is a flag that nullifies it, on a ticky tack play away from the ball. Unreal.


And now an offsides call...

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3 minutes ago, Rufus T Firefly said:

Not much. And Tampa's OLine is holding on most every play and they haven't called it once. 


It's a hallmark of all of the championship teams that Brady has been on

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