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SB LIV Game Day Thread - Kansas City Football Team at Tampa Bay Football Team


Message added by TK,


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Mahomes said to have toe surgery, after Tampa wins the Lombardi.

I wonder just how bad that toe is.

If it's a factor, and something TB can and will take advantage of.


Bucs should try to sustain long TD drives (long in time, not yards)

Eat up as much clock as possible, to give Homes as little opportunity as possible, for the duration of the entire game

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Feels like the Bucs have all the advantages and I think they can easily win this game. Their defense can dominate the Chiefs broken OL and they have weapons to either score with the Chiefs or the ground game to keep the Chiefs offense off the field. 

gonna need Mahomes magic which is what I hope we see. I want to see him get his 2nd title early in his career. 

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I don't have a dog in this race, either.


I have no interest in another Tom Brady Super Bowl.


And I'm just indifferent to the Chiefs. I couldn't care less about them.


I just hope for a good game, but I will only be partially watching, anyway.

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Sorry, I'm sick of Tom Brady. I'm sick of seeing him in Super Bowls, I'm sick of him getting preferential treatment and I'm sick of the media sucking him off. The NFC playoff teams all looked like garbage this year, the Bucs didn't impress me either. I hope the Chiefs can overcome their setbacks and put Brady out to pasture.

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i'm having an extremely positive reaction to most everything ...alert the media :) 


long time since i felt this much anticipation, buzz, and emotion over a day of superbowl programming...must be the the year that's been :) 


also find myself really hating the seaosn coming to an end...been a top fave distraction from crap

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12 minutes ago, Voice_of_Reason said:

Stadium looks like it’s pretty much at capacity?

Definitely looks that way. Feels a bit awkward to have a announcement of social distance and moment of silence while showing a packed stadium. 

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