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Game Day Thread - Green Bay Football Team vs Tampa Bay Football Team

Message added by TK,

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Just now, Spaceman Spiff said:


That was sarcasm my good man.


I know...my "Um..." was after seeing the Packers get the ball back with the chance to pull within 4 now lol...meaning, the Packers may be as good as us!

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4 minutes ago, Momma There Goes That Man said:


if Brady was a real goat he would have played for a team without mike evans, Godwin, Gronk, Johnson, Fournette, Jones, and a young food OL, Antonio brown, with a solid nasty defense. 

Or you just selectively choose when you want to “stain” someone’s legacy with your bias 

Brady won SBs with 31st ranked defenses.  

Lebron wins with All Stars surrounding him that he personally recruits.  You can argue both ruined competitiveness but Brady was just that damn good no matter who was around him for years.  Lebron ruined the NBA by ushering in the new era of all star teams.  

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1 minute ago, Redskins Reparations said:


Not sure what the defender can do when the player drops his head like that.


I agree.  The runner is going down and lowering his head, the defender is only going to lower his head to make a tackle.  

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