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Game Day Thread - Green Bay Football Team vs Tampa Bay Football Team


Message added by TK,

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Just now, Simmsy said:

I don't know why the NFL thinks everyone wants to see Brady every year.


I don't know why the NBA thinks everyone wants to see LeBron every year.


At some point, for me the annoyingness subsides and it's just respect and appreciation.  I used to hate LeBron, now I realize he's #2 and think it's amazing of what he's still able to do at his age.  Same with Brady (except he's #1).

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Just now, Rex Tomb said:

I really hope we don't go crazy and give up a boatload of picks for Stafford or Watson.  I really think Heinicke could be our guy. 

Still need to see how he plays when teams have the tape on him.

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Just now, TryTheBeal! said:

Might be tough for Tampa to hold down Rodgers with 2 backup safeties.

Yeah, trading you last starting safety for our starting RB wasn't a good trade for TB personnel-wise.  Granted they also got a TD out of it, so that changes the equation a little.

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