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Game Day Thread - Washington Football Team vs Tampa Bay Football Team PALOFFS IS NOW Edition

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6 minutes ago, Dexter said:

I knew he would play decent, but never thought our WR's wouldn't step up for him.  


Game is still very early and Del Rio always makes really good half time adjustments.


I said this on another thread but I thought this was a good game for us in one sense.  That is, Tampa is a really balanced team.  And they could expose what we need to do to match a team like them.  They pretty much do just about everything well except they aren't always hot at running the ball.  their defense can stop the run and rush the passer.  They have a great passing game and are loaded with weapons.


I disagree with some people on certain threads who like to make the point that with our defense we just need a pedestrian passing game to make the big dance and they love to cite the rare example where that worked.  I disagree.   I agree that its possible but I like to deal with likelihoods not outliers.  It's tough to win a SB with a pedestrian passing game.  And I don't just mean the Qb, I mean the whole unit.


This game I think so far is showcasing what we need to do.  Teams can run on us (need MLBs) and our WR unit is one of the worst in the league.  We have other weaknesses but those are the glaring ones (along with suspect QB play albeit Heincike is playing well tonight) that we've seen on and off all season.



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Young needs to step it up. Gronk is a great blocker (would even be a HOF TE just for blocking if that was a skill-set rewarded with HOF berths), but he shouldn’t be able to stonewall Young 1-on-1 like I saw. Gotta take over rookie, this team needs a Herculean effort. 

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Just now, ananoman said:

Pretty sad indictment of the team when the player of the game for WFT is a guy who was out of the league and literally a student in the middle of finals a month ago

That's a great sign.  Just a few things left to fix and the kids can do it!

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So the media is waiting to say to Chase, welcome to proverbial NFL. 30 minutes to take that interesting bull**** and flush it down the toilet. I have good feeling.

Predators of the WFT.....activate.

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9 minutes ago, ConnSKINS26 said:

Broadcast is terrible btw. Very few important replays shown, no replay on that coverage sack to see the coverage for instance. Hardly any stat updates on the screen, not even for Brady. Just bad. 

It’s not Collinsworth so I’m happy. 

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I still don't get why Gibson is not used in more ways, maybe he is still working through injury and they don't want to give him too big of a workload but where is all his opportunities in the passing game that we were told he was great at?  If they can't get the running game going, find other ways to get the ball in Gibson's hands.

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Just now, CapsSkins said:

If Heinicke were a first round pick & playing exactly the way he is now then people would be saying he’s our QB1. But since he’s UDFA, everyone’s saying “oh ya, he can be our backup”. This is partly why I’m rooting so hard for him. I don’t see why he hasn’t earned a shot at the big job in the offseason.


I'm not saying that. I think he can for sure be the bridge QB if he plays even similarly to this. And that bridge is his tryout to be the full time dude.


He can do it. 

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1 minute ago, rumplestilskin said:

True, but we would still be playing in this same game. It may even be a an advantage because of the small sample size on Taylor's film.

Yeah I’d agree.  Just thinking how much better Heinicke looks compared to Haskins.  One was a first round pick and the other was taking classes and was a back up in the XFL.  Crazy 

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18 minutes ago, Spaceman Spiff said:

I didn't know this until just now, but Steven Sims was in the move Necessary Roughness.  He played that WR that couldn't catch.

He was in the Never Ending Story too.  


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4 minutes ago, NoCalMike said:

Got to say not happy with the WR's tonight, they haven't done any favors to a QB making his 1st start.  Imagine how frustrated they probably all were with Haskins in there who could never deliver the ball to them? Well now the ball is being delivered to them and it is bouncing off their hands. 

This is why I think we should not go after a big name QB, how the heck are we going to full holes with these absurd QB salaries??? WR, LB, S, etc.  #1 WR don’t come cheap.

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