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Game Day Thread - Washington Football Team vs Tampa Bay Football Team PALOFFS IS NOW Edition

Message added by TK,


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Just now, UKskins said:

Yes Montez. 


Love the fact that Brady gets up from a clean sack demanding flags are thrown 🤣


I respect Brady's game but **** me, the guy is an unlikeable prick.

He was yelling at a WR for not working back to him, pretty sure. Your point still stands, but that intensity is why he’s so good 

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Ron said it best when ask about Sims. He said he's all we got. Shrug. They made an effort in off season to get a guy. But it is what it is at this point. 

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Do y'all remember that radio commercial in the 80s and 90s for the clothing store in Falls Church?   **** there was always on sale, and the guy had this booming voice and he'd just say SIIIIIIMS like, 50 times in the span of 30 seconds.  


The sale this weekend is at SIIIIIIIMS


You'll find it at SIIIIIIIIIMS


And the thing about it, is that he said it in this voice that would make you not wanna shop there.


But every time I think of Steven Sims, I hear that big ass voice that sounded like doom.  



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