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Game Day Thread - Washington Football Team vs Tampa Bay Football Team PALOFFS IS NOW Edition

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God that really was a game that deserved a full stadium. Proud about how we completed. Clear we've got the right foundations in place with plenty go build on just definitely lack a playmaker or two. 

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Rivera took us to the playoffs in his 1st year! We're not good, but.. We're not bad either! Hopefully we make some intelligent offseason moves and hit the ground running next season! Cheers Xtremeskins fans!! Till next year.. 🥃

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1 minute ago, MonkFan8 said:

He didn't ignore Heinicke. He just didn't see him. After Heinicke caught up with him he said, "You're talented, good luck to ya".

Didn't see it. Being a Buckeye, it's pretty easy to call a Xichigan guy a prick, honestly. Though it's good to see Chase and Tom talk. Chase missed his chance tonight to dominate.

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21 minutes ago, clskinsfan said:

Come on man. JDR has been amazing this year. 

I really don't think he's been amazing. Hes been okay and that's miles better than we've had previously. If you look at his track record nearly all of his defenses got better once he was replaced. 


We gave up 500 yards in a playoff game. 

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Fun run. Sign Jesus (Taylor) and Kyle. Both fit the scheme and will cost nothing. Surround them with talent. You can waste years on guys who get drafted high and can’t process info quickly. 

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This was an evaluation year. 

We dumped the waste.

Gave everyone on the roster a shot.

we were 2-7 at one point


We are so ready to build this team and get started next year that we went to the playoffs to find our QB.


Next year is going to be great and now maybe we're even considered a contender.

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