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Game Day Thread - Washington Football Team vs Tampa Bay Football Team PALOFFS IS NOW Edition

Message added by TK,


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The Defense right now is resembling more what they looked like early in the season before the D-line really had a rhythm and began jelling.  This secondary has no ability to cover anyone if QB's aren't rushed into making throws too early or off balance.


Linebackers are just about worthless period whether it is vs the run or the pass. 

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there was discussion before the game started about the biggest fear is that Heinicke was one injury away from Steven Montez playing. our ****ing luck it actually happens. 


guess this fairytale ride comes to an end here.

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Tampa is a much better team, obviously. Part of me is round we made this a game, but angry it could be even closer if not for some self inflicted wounds. Defensive front was made to look sub par tonight. Was expecting so much more from them. 

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D-line has been completely manhandled tonight.  If they were nearly as good as all the hype they get we would have a chance.  They can’t carry the Rams’ d-line’s jock straps.  

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1 minute ago, Skinsinparadise said:

D has been ok but to beat Brady you got to do to him what the Giants did in the SBs.  That hasn't happened.   





And JDR seems completely unwilling to bring blitzes. 

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1 minute ago, Warhead36 said:

This is the problem with investing in D. Youre still gunna get beat by good offenses. Its an offense league. Id rather have a good offense and average D. 

I’d rather have a great defense and a great offense. 

Tampa really has both.  We’re not there yet, but this is year 1 of a rebuild.

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