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Game Day Thread - Washington Football Team vs Tampa Bay Football Team PALOFFS IS NOW Edition

Message added by TK,


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This is definitely a year to remember. 4 ****ing QBs. I'm sure the entire team is demoralized from the injury. But I'm absolutely livid with this O line on that drive. 

And its always the so called all pro side that ****s **** up.

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4 minutes ago, joeken24 said:

I'm so ****ing pissed. Unless Montez comes in and does some magic. But **** this goddamn OL. After all this......

That was like the first time he’s really been touched, the OL has been fine 

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Just now, Burgundy Yoda said:

I've seen this episode. This is the one where we play good, then our starting QB gets injured in the playoffs and then the wind is taken out of our sails. 

I hear ya. But in the grand scheme of things no one thought we would be here anyways. We have played respectably regardless of what happens. the future is bright my WFT brother. 

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Just now, Warhead36 said:

This is the problem with investing in D. Youre still gunna get beat by good offenses. Its an offense league. Id rather have a good offense and average D. 


Our D isn't built.


We have a DL that allows us to do things. But the rest of the D is average.



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3 minutes ago, ConnSKINS26 said:

You have to stop. When your QB is playing well that IS good play calling. The run game is dog ****, Gibson looks horrible and hurt, and Hieneke is dealing playing from behind. 



Please stop now.

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2 minutes ago, NewCliche21 said:

Game's done, fellas.  Hurt Heinicke was literally the worst outcome possible for this game.


God ****ing dammit.

To be fair, if he is going to get injured, then doing it in the last game of the season is probably the best time for him to do it. Sucks in every way though.

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