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Game Day Thread - Washington Football Team vs Tampa Bay Football Team PALOFFS IS NOW Edition


Message added by TK,


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Just now, Simmsy said:

I'm really disappointed in the D perfermance, really flat, slow, uninspired. I don't know whats wrong with them.


The DL is being held and the rest of the defense was only serviceable because of the pressure they got?

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2 minutes ago, Yng Lady88 said:

defense not really making any impact in this game.


and Chase is going to look silly eating crow.

Well to be fair the TB offense isn’t a bad offense and their QB is decent.  Lol


but yeah more of an impact would have been nice. 

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This is definitely a year to remember. 4 ****ing QBs. I'm sure the entire team is demoralized from the injury. But I'm absolutely livid with this O line on that drive. 

And its always the so called all pro side that ****s **** up.

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