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Game Day Thread - Washington Football Team vs Tampa Bay Football Team PALOFFS IS NOW Edition


Message added by TK,


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9 minutes ago, KDawg said:


I'm sold. I don't care what happens.


This guy is our quarterback. I'm okay bringing in competition.


But he has the team's trust and respect. He makes all the reads. He literally is a five read player.


If we compared him to the top draft prospects, is he really worse in his game + a quarterish of play than their sample sizes? Could make an argument but that's a major compliment for Taylor.




Yep; then in the first you can take best player.  Don't have to reach.

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2 minutes ago, Capsman said:

Considering Young’s bravado about wanting Brady, he needs to do more than cheerlead.  


The Bucs have two guys on him a lot, from what I've seen. That frees up someone else. Brady got the ball out very quick on that drive to the TEs. That's when the LBs and safeties have to step up.

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Just now, KDawg said:

Yes, teams get film on dudes. That is 100% the truth and I don't disagree.


But you're discounting one of the things that make Heinicke special... his mind. He has made some ridiculous plays because he's smart. Knocking the ball down on the batted pass, knowing where pressure is and getting away, throwing the ball away in smart spots.


people always like to evaluate QB play on the big plays and the passing stuff. But the little stuff makes huge differences in the course of a football game. 


So yes, opposing teams will adjust. And so will he.


Has it been mentioned this is only his 2nd career start?! Plenty of room to improve with experience like you said!

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