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The Trump Riot Aftermath

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Alleged Capitol rioter asks judge to let him visit Peru to get married


A Kentucky man facing four criminal charges linked to the Capitol insurrection asked a federal judge on Tuesday to let him travel to Peru later this month to get married.


Troy Williams of Lexington, Kentucky, told a judge that his fiancé lives in Peru and they plan to get married in the South American country. The 25-year-old groom-to-be said he has a flight booked for February 23 and the trip would last about two weeks, according to court papers.

He is facing four misdemeanor charges related to the attack, including entering a restricted building, disorderly conduct and unlawful picketing. He hasn't had a chance to enter a plea.


The Justice Department didn't seek Williams' detention while he awaits trial, and a judge released him after his arrest. His request to visit Peru is in accordance with the conditions of his release, which say that he needs to secure judicial permission before any international travel.

According to court documents, Williams attended then-President Donald Trump's incendiary speech on the day of the insurrection, then joined a large crowd walking toward the Capitol. He later admitted to FBI agents that he had entered the Capitol twice during the hours-long assault, according to court documents, saying he gave in to the "herd mentality" of the pro-Trump mob.

Williams allegedly told the FBI, "I wasn't doing anything wrong or inciteful. We were a part of something, there's cops here, they tried to stop us, they are not letting us in, but not fighting us."


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Federal Prosecutors Fight Release Of Rachel Powell, Mercer County Mother Arrested In Capitol Riots


Federal prosecutors on Wednesday appealed the release of a Pennsylvania woman accused of using a large pipe to break a window in the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. and giving directions to fellow insurrectionists about how to take the building.


A magistrate found that Rachel Marie Powell — who the FBI says is the woman in a pink hat shown in video shouting instructions through a bullhorn — poses a “danger to the community,” but that she could be released on $10,000 unsecured bond with home detention and electronic monitoring.


U.S. Magistrate Judge Lisa Pupo Lenihan issued the ruling after Powell’s detention hearing on Tuesday, but delayed her release to give the government time to appeal.


Prosecutors said Powell should remain locked up before trial.


An FBI affidavit said that Powell was with a group inside the Capitol and provided detailed instructions on the building’s layout, telling rioters that “they should ‘coordinate together if you are going to take this building.’” Powell also noted that they “have another window to break,” the affidavit said.


“She was no onlooker; she perpetrated violence and encouraged others to do the same — all aimed at overcoming law enforcement, intimidating public officials, and undermining the Constitution and the peaceful transfer of presidential power,” prosecutors said Wednesday.


Authorities said a search of Powell’s house turned up several smashed cellphones and two “go bags,” one with ammunition, rope and duct tape and the other with throwing stars, knives and lighters. A bag found in Powell’s car had a tarp, zip ties and two loaded magazines for an AK-47 rifle, authorities said.


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Judge orders Proud Boy charged in Capitol riot held without bond


One of the Proud Boys arrested for participating in the Jan. 6 insurrection at the Capitol told a court on Wednesday that he was duped by President Donald Trump’s “deception” and “acted out of the delusional belief” that he was responding patriotically to the commander in chief.


However, those arguments were not enough to convince a federal magistrate to release Dominic Pezzola, 43, a native of Rochester, N.Y., who was arrested about a week after last month’s riot.


U.S. Magistrate Judge Robin Meriweather called her decision to detain Pezzola “a close call,” given his lack of a criminal record before joining in the takeover of the Capitol.


Her announcement followed a half-hour-long hearing on Wednesday afternoon in which a prosecutor and Pezzola’s defense attorney squared off about whether the Proud Boys member is so dangerous that he should remain behind bars.


“I conclude the government has demonstrated that Mr. Pezzola should be held without bond,” the judge said.


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40 minutes ago, China said:

A backup city in South America?  OK, take your 10 million MAGA friends, pack up your **** and move to South America.  I think that would be for the best.

I hear there are some vacancies in Northern Guyana.  

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I'm sure they'll just stop now. 
Need to be rounding these people up, and not just the ones who got in. You don't leave a hostile force on your streets unless you want to invite more hostility.



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2 hours ago, TryTheBeal! said:





We've seen signs that that at least some of these people weren't drunken frat boys having a party.  And I would love to see the people who provided them with aid and comfort (use of the phrase is deliberate) prosecuted.  


I'm not sure that a guy planning an amphibious assault across the Potomac qualifies.  


But absolutely, check it out.  I hear the FBI (and other agencies) are good at that.  

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