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Playoffs: Wild Card Round: TampaTom @ Team: Predict the Winner

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5 hours ago, Skinsinparadise said:

To me Arians comment is more bulletin material than Chase's comment




Who’s Bruce Arians?

He isn’t on the field.


If Young touches him, Brady’s DONE!


Check that, if any of dem dawgs (Kerrigan, Allen, Payne, Sweat, or Young) put a paw on Brady, I don’t like Tom’s chances). He might be goat, but he’s an old goat.

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Bottom line, the offense MUST score more than they have been.  However they do it, they have to get more points on the board for this team to have a realistic shot at winning this game.   I believe our defense can do well against the Bucs, but make no mistake they will score at least 3 touchdowns.  


With that said,


Football Team - 24

Bucs -21


WFT shocks the world

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Need two defensive TDs, 4-6 turnovers to even make this close. 


Tom looks better than last year. Yes, they have some huge injuries of their own. But, it's the QB for WFT, not the WR1 or the MLB. 


Without their top blitzer and WR it could be the difference, but Antonio Brown could put up a monster game and then it's really their top blitzer they're missing. Guy is legit whack, but was a technician with the Steelers. 


DL will have to be monsters, need Bostic playing downhill and the safeties to be mistake free.

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Tampa just has too many weapons.  I think the only way we have a shot if if our defense can get home on Brady and hit him hard twice in the first quarter and set the tone.  We have to run it effectively which is problematic seeing as Scott Turner shies away from the run early and often.  Essentially, our guys need to play a flawless game.


But back to my first point, they have too many weapons.  Antonio Brown is looking like he hasn't lost much.  Evans, Godwin, Gronk.  I don't think our guys can cover them that well.  And their running backs are pretty good, too.


Tampa looks to be getting hot at the right time, they're clicking.  40 or more points in their last three games.   It's definitely our defense's strongest test.


I think our team has some truly outstanding moments this game, but I just don't see how we come away with a win.


Tompa: 28

Team:  14


Side note:  We all know that Tom Brady has 20 years in the NFL, that's amazing.  But Saturday will mark his 42nd career playoff game, I'm assuming no one has played in more playoff games than Tom Brady.  That is essentially another 2.6 years worth of football...so Tom Brady is really approaching 23 seasons of football if you're looking at it strictly from a games played perspective.  That's incredible.

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On 1/4/2021 at 1:44 AM, TryTheBeal! said:

I was in the stands for this one.  

Life is a wheel...




We flew down for that game and had a blast.  They gave out flags to everybody so I guess we captured their flag.  I still have a few of them as trophies.





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I'm not giving a got damn prediction for specific reasons...with that said..


I enjoyed the game with my folks sunday night..it was the second game this season we watched the team play together as a family..we normally watch every Washington game together but not this year..I again will watch this playoff game with my folks and enjoy the time together..while I can..regardless of what's happened it's been a...upside weird exciting year?..I question the exciting..nothing really much about 7-9 to get excited at..but there was moments..and I believe were heading in the right direction which is exciting to me..hail on ladies and gentlemen!!!

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i don’t care what any NFL reporter or analyst says.


Look at the Bucks vs Giant game I posted and look at the their Rams game below.


They struggle against good defenses, their defense can struggle against the run, and pressure Brady and he makes mistakes.




Have to have mobility at the QB position to win.

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16 hours ago, ThePackisback said:

I have to ask do you Washington fans think that the 1991 team was the best ever SB champion ever?


Absolutely.  We were five points from undefeated including a three-point loss in a pointless Week 17.


Our smallest margin of victory in the playoffs was 13 in the Super Bowl, which really wasn't reflective of the game itself.


We gave up NINE sacks all year and racked up I think 50.


We threw 11 picks and lost eight fumbles.  We intercepted 27 balls and recovered 26 fumbles.


I say this with no ****iness, but the 1991 team is the best team fielded.

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11 hours ago, Malapropismic Depository said:

Bucs offense, in their last 3 games of the season, averaged 40 points per game.

Not a mis-print. They averaged 40 points a game, during their last 3.

I think we put a dent in that average, but not enough to win.


Tampa 27

Washington 21

They played the Falcons twice and the Lions. Both have below average defenses.

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5 hours ago, Skinsinparadise said:





Poor Dwayne can’t catch a break.


I imagine him at home minding his own business, peacefully watching “The Lion King” while the Haskinettes dance for his dollars then his cell blows up and he reads Arians comment dismissing him as a player.


Poor fella probably felt like this...




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The focus seems to be on our DL against Brady.  I am more concerned with our OL v their DL with Suh, JPP (poss).  I can’t see our O being on the field long enough to keep our DL fresh. Starts off tight but the Bucs stick on lots of points late on.


Bucs 37
Us  13

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