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Playoffs: Wild Card Round: TampaTom @ Team: Predict the Winner


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1 minute ago, Malapropismic Depository said:


Well, so much for overcoming that adversity of a 14 point deficit ! 😛


Yeah, if I had to guess, we get in a hole early, claw our way out to make the game close, and then TB pulls ahead.  Second half D isn’t enough to carry the offense matched up against a tough D.  Really hope I’m wrong.  

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2 hours ago, skinny21 said:

This team has really won me over in terms of their ability to overcome adversity, never quit attitude and overall culture, belief and leadership.


With that said.. 30-16 TB is my guess.  :(


I like this post..very well said 👍

1 hour ago, London Kev said:

I've been trying to find a way to convince myself that we're going to win this game, but just can't do it. We obviously can win, I just don't think that we will win.


TB Bucs 27

WF Team 20

This one too man..I like this post..very well said 👍

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