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Game Day Thread - Washington Football Team at Philadelphia Football Team : WIN & IN EDITION

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Just now, dyst said:

Always feels like we’re out there forever but look up and we’ve only gone 10 yards. Offense definitely moves in small dinks.


Right?  I was like, why are we punting from their 31?  Oh it was our 31.  Because we move at a snail's pace.

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Can we see what giants fans are tweeting now that Suddy is in the game?  In fact I’m going to need a live shot.  

How are you blue ****s enjoying this turn of events?  

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Just now, Rogue Jedi said:

Did I miss something? Why they putting in Sudfield?

They wanted him to get some playing time.  Que the “I wonder how giants fans feel about this “

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Just now, panahoo said:

Here comes Sudfeld!!!! LOL

In all seriousness....I was expecting Sudfeld to be the future for us in DC.  Don't forget he has the NFL record for completion percentage in his NFL debut.

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Just now, Warhead36 said:

lol we boutta lose to Nate Sudfeld


You are one of the worst fans in the history of Redskins fans.  You are the most negative, pathetic fan I've ever seen in the 45 years of my life.......and that's saying a lot.  


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Just now, clskinsfan said:

Hurts is 7/20 for 72 yards and a pick. He is a joke. 


He's a rookie. He has something that helps rookies as they develop... the ability to run. 


Go take a look at some of Josh Allen's stat lines in his rookie year.


Now, don't get it twisted: Hurts' game isn't Allen's. Nor is his natural talent. But he has a lot of the same character attributes and they both have one thing to rely on: Legs.


I'm not saying Hurts is a superstar. But it's a little early.

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