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Game Day Thread - Washington Football Team at Philadelphia Football Team : WIN & IN EDITION


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Just now, SemperFi Skins said:

Defense needs to give the offense a blanket party....

I almost made a gif of this but decided it was too harsh on the other QB who isn't on the team anymore. I didn't want to be that mean. 


But you arent wrong! 

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Just now, BraveWarrior said:

Pederson trying to out-riverboat Riverboat Ron...

It’s makes absolute sense for them to go for it on every 4th down. If they lose this game, nothing happens.

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Just now, Bacon said:

None. Boo Ron, if anything.


Players play until they're told to stop.

Both of them have too much pride to remove him from the game and I really hope it doesn’t come back to bite us in the ass.

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