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Game Day Thread - Washington Football Team at Philadelphia Football Team : WIN & IN EDITION

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Just now, ConnSKINS26 said:

It’s pretty ****ed up that we need Alex’s calf to tighten up to have a shot to have a watchable game next week, if we get there. 

That or have it heal up some more and he can actually plant.


But unfortunately I think this may be the end of the road for him, with whatever happens to end the WFT season.


I'm not down on our chances against Tampa, to be entirely honest. I'd favor Tampa for sure. But I think our D matches up well against Brady's mobility. We have to play tight coverage and jam their receivers. No Mike Evans is huge against them.


We'll need a running game and if I were Rivera I'd lean into Barber to be real honest. I'd use Barber with McKissick and Gibson and keep them fresh. 


If Smith can plant his leg to throw the ball even a touch better I think we can be competitive. But we still have to win this one.

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1 minute ago, PartyPosse said:

Fuller has looked suspect most of the game.

Like I stated earlier, he's either being paid to throw the game or he forgot to take a crap before the game.  He looks off for sure.  Certainly not the Fuller I am used to seeing.

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Just now, Mpvanskins said:

Sims has to go as return man damn

Agreed.  Do not go into the playoffs counting on him to return kicks.  If I recall both Antonio Gibson and Isaiah Wright were pretty good return men in college.  They should not put Sims out there.   

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