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Game Day Thread - Washington Football Team vs Seattle Football Team


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2 minutes ago, Fred Jones said:

We are not a playoff team, but decided to win the division and lose in the playoffs and get a worse draft pick


I’m not going to blame the guys who are actually good for fighting hard enough for their coaches that they outweighed the bad players they line up next to. Do I wish we would end the season in position for a stud QB prospect? Of course. But it’s been nice seeing some real fight and grit in this team for the first time since Gibbs II, it bodes well for the future under Rivera. 

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I know they don’t trust Haskins but if you’re not going to let him throw downfield at all then there is absolutely no reason for him to be starting or even on the roster. None. Pick up a Chad Henne or some other vet (I know he’s not available). Knowing the playbook and the schemes don’t mean anything if you have that little trust.

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46 minutes ago, KDawg said:

I’m still over here facepalming that our only decent LB is out. And our second best LB is out. SDH... show something please.


I DO wonder if Khaleke is going to play a little in the inside today... I’d be more for that than seeing Thomas Davis. We might have something in him.


We're seeing the dropoff  already, with 2 starting LB's out.

And it looks like Hudson, not Davis as originally reported, is filling in.

Nice Special Teams tackle by Hudson.



I don't see much offense today.

And I don't see our defense repeating last week's performance.

So Special Teams is going to have to come up with a couple big plays, for us to win it.

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Haskins has a pocket. He looks like he doesn’t know what he’s doing, had a perfect chance to step up when he took the sack or either run to his right she made the worst choice out of three. He’s just not capable of processing st the NFL level of speed.

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