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Game Day Thread - Washington Football Team at SanAz FranZona Football Team

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2 minutes ago, mistertim said:

Wow, big surprise. Haskins didn't plant his feet and the ball sailed. Same ****, different day. Hopefully we get really lucky and it's an incomplete pass.

How he doesn't understand that something as basic as setting his feet is going to make the difference of him having a decent NFL career and him being out of the league in two years is beyond me.  You would think he would be the first one in the film room and the last one on the practice field but there have been reports that it's the opposite.   Crazy. 

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Just now, Riggo'sRangers said:

I want Haskins to be good.  He just...isn't.  He seems not to learn, somehow. Talent, but has regressed, constantly. Sad. 

Haskins might develop but there is no question he has LONG ways to go...  we dont have time for that... we need get something done before we need to pay all of these stud DL

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