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Winter Weather Thread: 2020-2021 Edition

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3 hours ago, Mr. Sinister said:

Anybody heard from @LadySkinsFan? Doesn't she live somewhere in TX

I've been texting with her. She & Dancer are huddling under blankets when out of power, she said she has plenty of them. I hate that they're having to go through **** like this. 

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Roads are **** this morning in NoVa.  Naturally, my stupid cats have a long ago booked vet appointment today.  So I slid my way out here.

If I die for these cats, I’m haunting my wife.

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Ugh. Hosed again. Too dry for the snow to make it to the ground. So we just get sleet instead. Boooooooo


of all the winter events I think only one resulted in real good snow

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Yeah, total bust. Might as well call this one chase young 



after this disappointment, i think I’m ready for spring. **** winter if all its going to do is just disappoint. 

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13 minutes ago, BatteredFanSyndrome said:

Sure would be cool if I got to post that it's a bust at my house.

Well quit hogging all the snow then! :P 


what sucks, to me, is this isn’t even the “5+ inches of snow” that ALLLL weather people were calling for yesterday. Now it’s “1-3 inches of sleet”. I’m convinced that DC isn’t going to see 6+ inches of snow for a long while..... i really just want spring now. 

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1 hour ago, CousinsCowgirl84 said:

Wonder why we hadn’t heard about a fema response yet... 


Not a bad question.  


Part of me wonders about the forecast.  Is this something that's going to fix itself before FEMA could do anything, anyway?  And I'm not sure how much they can actually do, in just 24 hours.  


But that's speculation on my part.  And I'd love to know more.  


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