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Next Day Thread (Same Day Edition): WFT vs. Dallas II

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Offensive Summary:

-Not our strongest performance on getting the ball down the field. We took what we had to and completed the passes in big spots that we had to... But we struggled putting the ball in the air for good yardage. Smith has had a pretty bad habit this season though... He gets pressured and tries to get rid of the ball when he's already in the grasp and doesn't see a defender dropping right into the zone. He's got to stop doing that. He is so safe with the ball in almost every other situation but then he is so careless while he is getting hit and trying to make something happen. 


-Gibson's vision gets better week by week. Runs with power and down hill. Catches the ball well. I'm not usually a fan of showboating, but when he waved to the Cowboy defender on his second touchdown run I was laughing out loud. And he made it look like he was sticking his arm out to stiff arm the defender as he waved so the refs didn't throw a flag for unsportsmanlike conduct. I don't know if that was intentional but that was pretty damn heady. 


-McKissick is electric.


-OL is overall looking competent. I wouldn't mind an upgrade at LT and allow Moses to play RT. Another guard would be tremendous as well, but I don't think it's as necessary as we all thought it might be. 


-Logan Thomas is definitely a tight end for this team moving forward. #1, #2, whatever. He is a guy that can play at a relatively nice level. He has poor moments, but he is a solid in-line blocking tight end and pass catcher. He can also throw the ball and run with it from the quarterback position. He is a fun weapon to utilize. We are much better at tight end now than we have been and in better shape than a lot of teams in the NFL. 


-The last few weeks I have been very pleased with Scott Turner's play calling. He is getting comfortable with personnel. But saying that... He still has full drives in key moments that leave you confused with what exactly the goal was. 


-McLaurin watch:


He had  7 receptions for  92 yards today.  On the season he now has: 69 receptions, 963 yards, 3 TD


That puts him on pace for: 100 catches, 1400 yards, 4 TD


McLaurin started the game 33rd in the franchise's history in receiving yards with 1,790.  He ended the day at 1882 yards and passes Clint Didier and Dick Todd and is now 31st in franchise history in receiving yards.


His next targets: 

Charlie Malone: 1932


Add 1 game saving tackle. 



Defensive Summary:

-I'm tired of seeing off coverage on 75% of defensive snaps. It allows a full route trees and no need to try to stem and stack routes. It allows timing to go interrupted from offenses which aides in neutralizing our own pass rush. But playing closer receivers would need to move and stem their routes more and if they don't restack as quickly as possible it throws off pass timing. 


-It feels like when we blitz the defensive line is a hell of a lot more aggressive with their pass rush, specifically Payne. If a blitz comes with him he is flying downhill and attacking. 


-Jeremy Reaves looked pretty good at free safety. Everett has been good all in all, and Everett is a much better enforcer, but it feels like Reaves is more rangey in coverage and more "all over the field". 


-Curl is a downhill attacking monster. He is a very similar player to Landon Collins. I actually think he makes Landon Collins extremely vulnerable to being a post June 1st cut this offseason. He isn't going to give the job back to Collins.  What a pickup by the FO in the draft to snag him in the 7th. 


-Holcomb is still a little hesitant for me as a linebacker playing the run. But when they call his number on a blitz he is fun. He is the only linebacker that I'd like to see back in some capacity next season. I back the brinks for David in FA and if we're out of top 3 QB range I draft Parsons. Let Cole be the third backer and our LB play is vastly improved and, in my opinion, the rest of the defense will improve dramatically from there. 


-They seem to be having Young attack inside more often than I thought they would. He is fighting inside. He is a lot more natural rushing outside than in in the passing game. He does well fighting inside versus the run though, so maybe that's what they are focusing on. 


-Tim Settle is a very aggressive and actually fits so well with our current LB corps. He and Ioan together would be a dangerous combination.


-Darby is having one of the strangest seasons I've seen when it comes to a corner. He is toasted every game but then he comes up with 2-3 tremendous plays as well. 


-Payne had another excellent game. 



Overall Summary:

-Tress Way. I need not say more.


-I am convinced Mike McCarthy is actively trying to get fired. What the hell was he doing going for it on his own ~30 not once... but twice!


-Our special teams unit deserves some kudos. They were prepared and ready. What a job by Khaleke Hudson and Danny Johnson on that fake punt to stay home. 


-To all of those who said Rivera doesn't know what he's doing and gave up on him after five weeks... This doesn't mean we are where we need to be as a franchise... and we can still turn around and bomb out the rest of this season for sure... I don't see it happening but it could happen...


But did you see Chase Young jumping around excited when Rivera decided to go for it on 4th down? These guys buy into him. The culture is changing. 

Want more evidence?


Alex Smith got hit near the sideline on a scramble late in the game. He was on his butt for a second. The first guy to run over to him from the sideline to help him up was Dwayne Haskins. Say what we want about Mr. Haskins start to his career, but Haskins was talking to coaches and was very into the game the entire time. He was the first one there to help Alex up. His growth is a sign of positive things for him moving forward and a sign that the coaching staff is doing things properly. 




***- Mike McCarthy

***- Antonio Gibson 

**- Terry McLaurin

**- Montez Sweat

**- Morgan Moses

**- Brandon Scherff

*- Kam Curl

*- Daron Payne

*- Tress Way

:( -  

:( :(  

:( :( :( - 


We didn't play perfect and there are probably some guys that are deserving of a :( or two... but I'm not going to hand them out on good ol Turkey Day. 


Season Totals:

14* - Montez Sweat

14* - Terry McLaurin

11* Antonio Gibson

5 * - Chase Young

5* - Daron Payne

3* - Kendall Fuller

3 * - Ryan Kerrigan

3 * - Mike McCarthy

2* - Alex Smith

2* - Ronald Darby

2* - Cole Holcomb

2* - Kendall Fuller

2 * - Jon Allen

2*- Morgan Moses

1* - Tress Way

1* - Kam Curl

1 *- Fabian Moreau

1 *- Jimmy Moreland

1*- Brandon Scherff

1* - Matt Ioannidis

1 :( - Steven Sims

1 :( - Secondary as a whole.

2 :( - Isaiah Wright

2 :( - Dustin Hopkins

2 :( - Landon Collins

2 :( - Kyle Allen

2 :(  - Geron Christian

3 :( - Troy Apke

3 :( - Jack Del Rio

3 :( - Offensive Line as a whole.

3 :( - Wes Martin

3 :( - Steven Sims 

3 :( - Jon Bostic

3 :( - Jabril Peppers

4 :( - Dwayne Haskins

4 :( - Coverage Unit as a whole entire thing: LBs/Safeties

6 :( - Linebackers as a whole.

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I am hoping we can turn into that team that NO ONE wants to play down the stretch. That’s a lofty goal, but those teams are fun. 

You can see it building. You can see the young core growing. It’s exciting. Today might be a game we look back on in a few years from now as a big turning point. 

Or it could just be a great memory of beating the piss out of Dallas on Thanksgiving. 

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First off I was late to the party and caught the final quarter, didn't realize Dallas was playing with heavy hearts with the passing of Markus Paul their strength and conditioning coach. Condolences to his family, the Cowboys franchise and its fans.


In terms of the game, so proud of the team today. What stood out to me:


 - McLaurin chasing down Smith on the pick. Never gives up. Well on his way into my personal top 5 Redskins recievers in franchise history. ( Right now I got Monk, -Clark, Moss, Ellard, Sanders) 

 - Haskins being the first person running over to pick up Alex in the 4th quarter on that little scramble of his. Missed it live but then I saw Haskins trending and I was like why??? Then " Oh I see." 😢

 - What felt like the entire team running over to congratulate Sweat on his TD, that was awesome

 - And of course Gibson's day and the Oline.


Best thanksgiving game since 2012. Cant believe we actually swept Dallas, yes a beleaguered Dallas team but I'll take it where I can get it. 



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One thing that has really gotten better as the season has progressed: red zone D. We sucked early on but have gotten much better. In previous games whenever we had turnovers deep in our own end we'd always give up TDs but today we forced FGs. Was a big difference early on when the game was still competitive.


That and open field tackling. I don't think we missed many if any tackles today in the open field. Was huge. Forced Dallas to have to go on long drives and in the 2nd half they definitely weren't as up to the task.

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Finally, a big prime time win since what seems like forever!


Dallas has some serious coaching problems, though. I can't remeber the last time I saw so such a pathetic job at HC.

The team just gave up and embarassed themselves. McCarthy will be fired very soon. Maybe tonight.


We had a complete game. Except for Smith's terrible INT, it was a solid showing. 

Now it's undeniable he's the best QB on the roster. With a solid running game, the team looked good.


The defense was better than average, except for the Darby weekly torching. That long TD he gave up was bad.

On the bright side though, Fuller is having a Pro Bowl season. He's was a steal.

I can't recall the announcers actually saying his name for the entire broadcast, which is always good if you play CB. 



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When is Nick Laczor gonna get some love ?

2 hours ago, KDawg said:


-Our special teams unit deserves some kudos. They were prepared and ready. What a job by Khaleke Hudson and Danny Johnson on that fake punt to stay home. 




Actually it was Hudson and Luke.

Not a big deal, just wanted Luke to get credit

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I was worried about this game... knew we completely had our way with them last time (on all sides of the ball), and they may be back for revenge.


but after one punch in the mouth, they folded like a lawnchair... the same jokers that stood around dumbfounded when Dalton got knocked out last time.  LOL


Widum Boise!


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Montez Sweat made my night. Right after Gibson scored his 2nd TD and Dallas came out, I said it felt like they're going to throw a panic interception. I only said half of it before Sweat was grabbing the ball out of the air.


That dude Sweat, he looked so average last year. I still can't get over how he, Young, and Kerrigan have turned into the Triad.

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The second fourth down shot was really strange. Dallas' Defense was really starting to pick up steam. They were stopping us cold and the game was close.  Punt it, play field position, and get it back was the smart play. Now, I will say, if Gruden was the coach, they would have converted that fourth down on the reverse gadget. Our players would have been out of position, their eyes on the wrong place, and Dallas would have gotten twenty yards.


One underspoken moment is though we have been vulnerable to giving up the big play, we haven't had all that many discipline screw ups. The number of off sides and false starts are way down. The situtational awareness seems better. We're still not a good team, but we're starting to be a professional team that wasn't always true with Gruden. With Gruden, we were often sloppy, boneheaded, and undisciplined.

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2 minutes ago, Burgundy Yoda said:

The middle of our OL right now is dominating, absolutely dominating the game of football. Wes, Chase, and Brandon are playing lights out. 

It's strange to think that a year ago people were predicting that it would be Wes, Chase, and Brandon playing well, but in reality it's Wes Martin instead of Wes Schweitzer.

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