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Game Day Thread - Washington Football Team at Dallas Football Team

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ARLINGTON, Tx. -- The Washington Football Team has announced the following inactives and lineup changes for today's game against the Dallas Cowboys:


The Washington Football Team declared the following players as inactive:

  • No. 19 WR Robert Foster
  • No. 22 S Deshazor Everett
  • No. 50 LB Jared Norris
  • No. 52 DE Ryan Anderson
  • No. 78 T Cornelius Lucas
  • No. 84 WR Jeff Badet

Lineup changes:

  • No. 76 Morgan Moses is expected to start at left tackle.
  • No. 72 David Sharpe is expected to start at right tackle.
  • No. 30 Troy Apke is expected to start in place of No. 22 Deshazor Everett at free safety.

The Dallas Cowboys have announced the following players as inactive:

  • No. 7 QB Ben DiNucci
  • No. 17 WR Turner Malik
  • No. 30 CB Anthony Brown
  • No. 41 FS Reggie Robinson
  • No. 56 DE Bradlee Anae
  • No. 64 T Greg Senat
  • No. 97 DE Ron'Dell Carter
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4 hours ago, Cooleyfan1993 said:
That’s gotta suck that the radio team has to be stuck spending thanksgiving calling a game (that THEY are seeing on a screen, that the rest of us are seeing on tv as well) from FedEx Field, where the game isn’t even happening. And for what, who’s even going to have their radios on during today’s game?? 

Really does suck for them.  But honestly I'm glad they are there... I usually mute the tv and listen to 980 anyway.  The announcers on the regular networks are usually trash.

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Did anyone else watch the Aldon Smith interview?  Whats with the stupid dramatic interviewer shots thru what appears to be a door frame.  Srsly, its like J J Abrams was directing the interview...was expecting lens flares along with awkward interview shots.

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i don't think it's very likely but it would be sweet in a season where there's little for a wtf fan (at least the elder jaded variety) to be happy about, but sweeping the cowpies and pissing on their already annoying 'comeback' storyline would be dessert ahead of dinner :) 


which is always a fine thing

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