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Game Day Thread - Washington Football Team vs Cincinnati Football Team

Message added by TK,


Today's game is on CBS & to keep any & all politics out of here


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Just now, skins4eva said:

There is zero explosiveness on the dline. Just doesn’t make sense 


I mean, why doesn't it make sense?


Allen and Payne are gap pluggers.


Young is playing with a groin injury... Those don't heal as fast as a few weeks of down time. They linger. They need a long rest period.


Sweat is trying.


Our explosiveness is Ioan. We don't have him.



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Just now, JSSkinz said:

Terry wasn't really open on that big pass play but Alex threw it anyway, that's not something he normally does but I like this new balsy Alex Smith.

Me too, Alex knows we suck so he might as well make it entertaining for us. He had almost 400 passing yards last week, I couldn't believe it. 

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