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Game Day Thread - Washington Football Team vs Cincinnati Football Team

Message added by TK,


Today's game is on CBS & to keep any & all politics out of here


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Couldn’t believe watching that play live that he tried to scoop and run it out of the EZ...just ****ing fall on it and get the ball at the 20, then we could have declined the penalty. This team needs a booster shot for their football IQ but it means we can easily improve just by being smarter on top of the more obvious areas of talent and athleticism where we can improve. 

It worked out in the end but we got saved from our own dumbassery there, trying to take that out of the end zone was stupid 

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1 minute ago, PartyPosse said:

Guess not. Sure looked like he made a football move to me. Seemed he had possession and everything but what do I know?

I think they decided he didn't really have control


shame about the three and out but at least the Bengals have to drive all the way down again

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1 minute ago, KDawg said:


By definition he didn't make a football move. As he brought the ball to his chest he only had one real step. Perhaps a second. Generally they want to see that third step even though that's not officially part of the rule. 

Yup. Like I said, I saw it different in my interpretation but my opinion and perspective don’t mean squat lol. 

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1 minute ago, PartyPosse said:

Yep. I blew that one. I saw it differently but doesn’t matter how I see it lol.


Don't feel bad. I just read the exact statement and my response was typed incorrectly as well. So it happens :ols:


This is what I get for trying to find a PS5 while watching.

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