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Game Day Thread - Washington Football Team at Detroit Football Team

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2 minutes ago, RFKSway said:

This is an absolutely unacceptable performance.  I don't care that we're young, I don't care that we are so thin on offense.  As much as I want to win, I don't care if we lose.

But to lose this way, to "perform" this way is an embarrassment to this franchise, to professional football for that matter.

What are these coaches coaching, what are these guys doing to prepare for games?

I've been disgusted with this team many times before, but I'm reaching the point of indifference.


You're just now getting to indifference?


Took you long enough. 

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4 minutes ago, redskins59 said:

This team has given up on the head coach.  Whatever we paid him, it's sunk cost.  He needs to be fired.


Fair to give him at least 1 year for evaluating.......but he has made some REALLY questionable decisions.

Next year should see major improvements.

4 minutes ago, Koolblue13 said:

Jon Allen is really good. Having a solid day.

Every 1 of our  DLinemen are really good.

4 minutes ago, KDawg said:



Why we have Bostic covering Swift on a regular basis is beyond me... but Bostic...

Del Rio system?? 

3 minutes ago, skins4eva said:

his ownership is a directly correlated to the trash on the field. 

Are u saying he hires bad coaches who hire other bad coaches??

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1 minute ago, KDawg said:


Could be with even a decent free agency period. There IS talent on this team. But the roster construction as it is doesn't allow that talent to shine as it should.


We need linebackers. And a safety. And a tight end. And a lineman (one at minimum).


Those are basics.


But a rookie QB changes the psychological make up of the franchise if its a true blue chip guy. 


I agree that it doesn't completely turn the tide, but it creates buy in for a much longer period if we get the QB right. 


I'll believe when I see it, sick of rookie qbs and them losing the spear of destiny in two seasons.


Great job with TD, thats heart. 

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However, let's just bench Alex Smith.  This guy will win us a few games, but then what after that?

I rather suck with Haskins.  It's much more fun to watch  a young QB develop.

Plus, if he fails, it would put us in a position to draft a QB.

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1 minute ago, Idaho fan said:

Why didn't Gibson get that carry?  Wondering what's up.  I understand Mckissic is playing well but seems a little odd.  

Because he hesitates in the backfield. In those situation, just take the hand-off and explode into the hole.

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