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Game Day Thread - Washington Football Team vs New York Football Team

Message added by TK,

Keep the politics OUT of the Stadium or you'll be out. :) 

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8 minutes ago, ConnSKINS26 said:

I really don’t think so, on replay he kinda rolled into him right? Or you think the leg whip while he was rolling was on purpose? I had a hard time watching it multiple times


It looked like he tried to use his leg to get him, it wasn't out of control.

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Just now, ConnSKINS26 said:

Might be a profitable one, this is a pretty strong QB class it looks like. Feel so bad for Allen though, he was improving and looking pretty comfortable 

Could end up that way long term. Losing Allen looks like it really shook the offense, play calling is reverting to game 1/2 style. 

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Defense now needs to pitch a shutout.  

It’s time to sack up.  2 turnovers, one in the red zone and you’re down 7 with 3/4 of the game left. 

There is no reason they can’t with this game.  They’ve played as bad as humanly possible. And still only down 7.


Get a 3-out here and start to change the momentum. 


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1 minute ago, PartyPosse said:

Even if they took him, it would still take him weeks to learn the playbook and a few more to actually work out the kinks with the offense. You don’t just take guys and plug em in.

True, but it says something that they haven't gone that route yet. He may not bet Russell Wilson, but if he's thought to be better that who they have they'd have at least done something. My guess is they think he's on par with the guys they have been playing

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3 minutes ago, XxSpearheadxX said:

I'm so bummed. I was impressed with Allen last week and today he looked like he was really starting to click and allowing his talent to shine. Feel bad for him, I shouldn't have allowed myself to get excited that maybe just maybe he had what it took to be an NFL QB. 


We can't have nice things. I really hopw Haskins has been doing all of the things Rivera expects of him because his chance is back but I can totally see rivera playing guys off the street to make a point to haskins if he is still ****ing around

I was impressed last week too!  Since, we didn't play last week ;)

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