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Game Day Thread - Washington Football Team vs Dallas Football Team

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1 minute ago, Malapropismic Depository said:

Bostic was probebly thinking Dalton keeps running to try for the first down

Huh? He lowered into him mid-slide lol, he wasn’t thinking anything but “KILL KILL KILL” that was a Gregg Williams defender play. No need for it 

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1 minute ago, Spaceman Spiff said:

I hope Dalton is ok.  Seems like a decent dude.


Haha, how was it not?


there's a reason that as they collided you could see Bostic's back perfectly clearly.  He was trying to turn away from the hit

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1 minute ago, carex said:

exactly.  He was going to tackle Dalton and then Dalton starts to slide and all he can do is not hit helmet to helmet

Dude it was a dirty hit.  You would be screaming to the heavens if a cowboy had hit a WFT player like that.

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