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Game Day Thread - Washington Football Team vs Dallas Football Team

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1 minute ago, NickyJ said:




;) :ols: 

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It's amazing what a difference...


For Dallas, a stud QB and a poor OL can make for their league best offense.


For Washington, two different safeties and a MUCH IMPROVED Cole Holcomb actually playing downhill can make.


Granted, it's Dallas. 


But I can say this:


This team needs one linebacker and a safety defensively and this defense is much better.


This team needs a very good guard, tackle, QB and a receiver and the offense is a different unit.


Granted, we could use more than that. We're still fairly weak.


But those things make this team from "holy **** we're not good against anyone but Dallas" to a competitive team on a week to week basis. 

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Just now, Thinking Skins said:

Word I heard is that he was hurt week 1, but they were playing Bostic and KPL over him after that

Okay.  I thought he was out for like 4 weeks because of a knee injury but I could be wrong about that.  If they just decided to leave him inactive that makes no sense.  

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