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Game Day Thread - Washington Football Team vs Dallas Football Team

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1 minute ago, ANONYMOUS SOURCE. said:

Hope they don’t start getting complacent and let these turds off the hook.


1 minute ago, RichmondRedskin88 said:

You’ve never cleaned up puppy **** I assume 😐


5 minutes ago, Spaceman Spiff said:

Dallas is softer than puppy ****.  

Y'all need to work on your 💩 talkin'

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1 minute ago, NewCliche21 said:


Ooooh, sorry, I see how that read.


I meant I'm not all in on/endorsing Allen being our QB for the future, but that by itself was a great run.


I hope he's our franchise quarterback, I would LOVE to be wrong about that, I just don't see anything making me jump up and down like it's 2012 again.  Then again, jumping up and down in 2012 didn't work out too well, either.


Whatever's best for WFT is what I want, always.



I'm not sure anyone thinks he's the franchise QB. But it's okay if he is "only" our backup.


There's no reason we can't like our backup QB while realizing he's our backup QB... you know?

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3 minutes ago, spjunkies said:

Does the Dallas coach keep his job the whole season?

Yes.  No Dak, most of the offensive line is hurt, new system with non-traditional offseason and Mike McCarthy's reputation.  Almost zero chance they walk away from him this quickly.  Now if it looks like this next season that's a different story.  

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